The following publications are available for students. Additional publications may also be available to students within individual departments, and/or at the library.

MSEC Minutes

Minutes of the weekly meetings of the Medical Student Executive Council (MSEC) are posted on class bulletin boards and the lobby of the Cecil C. Humphreys General Education Building, the lobby of the Student Alumni Center, and a permanent record is kept on file in the Office of Student Affairs. A publication written by and for students in the College of Medicine. It is published periodically depending on student input. Students are urged to contribute articles or letters. Contact your class liaison to the Auricle.

The CenterScope

The CenterScope serves as the student handbook, providing information about each college, student organizations, services available to students and student guidelines and policies. Published by the Student Life Office, 901-448-5610.

Electives Catalog

The Electives Catalog is a description of electives for senior students. It is published by the Office of Academic and Faculty Affairs and parts of it are distributed to each student prior to his/her entry into the senior year. It also includes academic regulations and policies regarding the last year of study. Complete catalogs are available in the library and computer laboratory in the GEB, or contact Ruby Bland, 448-5697.

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