Student Insurance Policy

Dental Insurance

Provider: Delta Dental
Tel: 1-800-223-3104 | URL:

Delta Dental brochure [PDF] | Summary of Benefits [PDF]

NOTE: To enroll in dental insurance for the Spring term, please fill out the enrollment form and submit it by January 18. The effective date of the insurance will be January 1. The completed form can be brought to the One Stop Shop in the 910 Madison building or emailed to using the secure email system, UTK Vault.PLEASE DO NOT SEND THE FORM THROUGH YOUR REGULAR EMAIL as it contains confidential information.

Disability Insurance

Insurance and Risk Management
2477 Stickney Point Rd #207B
Sarasota, FL   34231-21927

Toll Free: 888-978-8355
Phone 941-925-2828 | Fax: 941-925-2001

Health Insurance

AGENT: Gerald Holland Insurance
Tel: 393-9474 | 1-888-393-9500

NOTE: Insurance changes may be done through banner.

Malpractice Insurance

AGENT: Ellen Murphee
State Volunteer Mutual Insurance Company
Tel: 1-800-342-2239 | 1-615-377-1999
2018-2019 Certificate of Student Malpractice Insurance


Visit the University Health Services website for the latest information regarding student insurance!

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