Residency Benefits


Health care benefits are available at a reasonable charge and are continuous through the University even though residents rotate through several institutions. Malpractice insurance is also covered by the University of Tennessee.


2017-2018 Resident Compensation Rates for ACGME-Accredited Programs

PGY Level Base Annual with Disability
Life Benefits *
Monthly *
PGY 1 $50,640.00  $51,240.00 $4,270.00
PGY 2 $52,404.00 $53,004.00 $4,417.00
PGY 3 $54,000.00 $54,600.00 $4,550.00
PGY 4 $56,400.00 $57,000.00 $4,750.00
PGY 5 $58,104.00 $58,704.00 $4,892.00
PGY 6 $60,840.00 $61,440.00 $5,120.00
PGY 7 $63,120.00 $63,720.00 $5,310.00

*In addition to the base salary, those residents participating in the disability and group life insurance programs provided through GME currently receive an additional $600 per year for disability and life insurance benefits as shown above in Column 3. 

For more resident salary information, please see GME Policy #210.

Library Resources

Residents and fellows have access to the UTHSC Library.  This includes catalog and database searches, e-books, e-journal finder, and study carrels. Please contact the library to get an access code for use with all on-line services of the library.


At the beginning of the year, each resident will receive a vacation request form for applying for first, second and third weeks of vacation. You should always have an alternative week in case of denial of first request. The request should be returned as soon as possible.

These requests should be returned at least two months before the date of the vacation request to the Chief Resident at the University rotation. Chief residents will handle the vacation schedule and will turn in a copy of the vacation schedule and call schedule to the education office at the beginning of each rotation.

Vacation Length

You will be allowed 2 weeks total vacation. A third week of vacation may be awarded based on the resident award/point system.

Other Vacation Rules

  1. Only one resident will be allowed vacation at one time
  2. No vacation will be granted for the months of December and June. You may take vacation the first 2 weeks of June, but no vacation will be allowed the first 3 weeks of July.
  3. As schedule permits, holiday time will be given in December.
  4. Vacation will not be approved for the week before, during or after the AUA, SES, visiting professors, etc.
  5. THE VACATION PERIOD STARTS ON A MONDAY AND ENDS ON A SUNDAY. By coordinating the call schedule, the preceding Saturday and Sunday may be included (total 9 days off) without incurring days charged to vacations. Do not count the preceding Friday as a vacation day, i.e. leaving early without prior approval from the Program Director, the faculty at the rotation you are leaving and your chief resident. Each resident should consider the amount of coverage available when planning vacation.
  6. Vacations for residents URO-1,2,3 and 4 consist of three one week blocks. These cannot be divided. The URO-4 residents should consider their last work day to be June 30th. Do not plan to leave before this time
  7. All requests must be approved by the Program Director. Appropriate resident coverage must be arranged prior to requesting vacation
  8. Administrative days are no longer allowed.  URO-4 residents should use vacation time for job interviews, house-hunting, etc.

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