Selection of Residents

The selection of residents is both demanding and exciting. We have developed a resident selection method which involves our faculty as well as our residents. Each year we receive approximately 200 applications for the two available positions in our program. The first step in the selection process is narrowing the field of applicants to approximately 30. This difficult task is the responsibility of the Program Director. The Program Director reviews all the applications and, through various criteria, selects approximately 30-40 applicants who will be granted an interview.

The criteria used in this selection process include:

  • GPA
  • Board scores
  • Medical school evaluations
  • Letters of recommendation (minimum of 2 letters as well as a Dean’s letter)
  • AOA status
  • Required to complete one year of general surgery residency at our institution

Once this has been accomplished, the second phase of the selection process involves inviting approximately 30-40 applicants to come to our institution for an interview. Usually we offer four dates to interview, and these dates are always on a Monday. The interview process allows the applicants to experience firsthand what we have to offer. Each applicant meets the faculty as well as spends the day with the majority of our residents. They also tour the urology facilities. The interview process is taken very seriously as noted by the fact that the faculty limits scheduling conflicts during these days.

The third step is the ranking of the interviewed applicants. This process takes into consideration input from the entire faculty as well as resident input. The ranking procedure is completed by early January of each year and forwarded to the AUA Residency Match Program. We are then notified of the results.

The faculty to resident ratio is 1:2; the training of all aspects of urology is covered with faculty supervision available at all sites. Our current resident complement was increased from 2 residents per year to 3 residents per year following a favorable ruling by the Urology RRC. In addition, we were granted a four-year accreditation. Approximately 80% of our graduates pursue a career in private practice, with approximately 20% choosing an academic career. Their training prepares them fully for either direction.

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