Clinical Skills

The goal of the Student Surgical Society is to not only build interest in the field of surgery, but also provide a means of learning necessary skills that will be invaluable to students during their clerkship years. SSS, with the help of our faculty advisors, will be organizing several clinical skills workshops in order to provide this service. The frequency and variety of these workshops will depend on student interest and participation due mainly to the time investment required by officers and faculty members.

Aside from these workshops, another great opportunity for UT students exist. A medical extern program was started at the Med's Trauma Center that hires current medical students to work as Suture Techs. These students fill shifts at the Trauma Center every evening (Sun-Thurs 6pm-12am / Fri & Sat 6pm-6am). The goal of this program is to allow students to gain suturing experience while freeing up doctors to attend to other patients. Any student, regardless of your interest in surgery, is free to visit the Trauma Center and learn from these Suture Techs.

Remember, the first two years don't have to be a spectator sport. Plenty of opportunities exist for students to get clinical experience. Join us for these programs and learn something besides classroom material.