Student Surgical Society Resources

Surgical Resources Available in SASS

USLME II, III Review Books

700 Questions & Answers
1995 By Metzler
(blue book--available for check-out)

Appleton & Lange's Review of Surgery
By Wapnick et al. 2nd edition
(red book-available for check-out)

Oklahome Notes: General Surgery
By Jacocks
Very Thorough Review
(red book-on reserve)

Pretest: Surgery
By King et al. 6th edition
(available for check-out)

Principles of Surgery: Pretest Self-Assessment & Review
By Schwartz 5th edition
(yellow book-available for check-out)

Surgery: Review for New National Boards
By Geelhoed
Questions/Answers/Explanations for all areas of surgery
(gold book-available for check-out)

Review for Surgery: Scientific Principles & Practice
By Greenfield et al
Questions/Answers (no explanations)
(blue book-available for check-out)

Sabiston Review of Surgery
By Sabiston
(red book-available for check-out)

By Jarrell 2nd edition
Thorough Review/Questions/Answers/Explanations
(red book-available for check-out)

Surgery: Rypins' Intensive Reviews
1st edition
High-Yield Review/Key Concepts
(on reserve)

USMLE Steps 2 & 3: Blueprints in Surgery
By Karp et al. 2nd edition
Key Concepts/Questions/Answers/Explanations
(blue book-on reserve)

Surgery Textbooks/Clinical Pearls

Advance Surgical Recall
By Blackbourne 2nd edition
Clinical Pearls/ Questions/ Answers
(on reserve)

Basic Science Review for Surgeons
By Simmons & Steed
Basic Science-Phys at cell, organ level etc.
Use as Reference Book only.
(blue book-available for check-out)

Current Clinical Strategies: Surgery
By Wilson et al. 2nd edition
Clinical Pearls/Procedures/How-To's-very thin (fits in coat pocket)
(gray book-available for check-out)

Current Surgical Diagnosis & Treatment
By Lange 1979
Textbook-Not so current(1979)-Use only as reference
(black book-on reserve)

Essentials of General Surgery
By Lawrence 2nd edition
Textbook-Read before clinical rotation
(black book-available for check-out)

Handbook of Surgery
By Schrock 10th edition
Good reference-Fits in coat pocket
(purple book-on reserve)

Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery: Essentials for Students
Read before Rotation
(red book-available for check-out)

Surgical Secrets
By Abernathy 1st edition
Review/High-Yield--?s asked in rounds, OR, exams
(green book-available for check-out)

Textbook of Surgery: Pocket Companion
By Sabiston & Lyerly
(red book-on reserve)

Underground Clinical Vignettes: Surgery
By Bhushan et al
Clinical Cases-may be good for USMLE review
(pink book-on reserve)

Surgical Resources Available in Planetree

Adam CD-Rom
Atlas of Human Body
Some quizzes available.
Good for 1st year gross anatomy class
Too simplistic for surgical rotation

Sample Exam Questions
Supplied by Dr. Minard (clinical rotation director)
Question/Answer-millions of ?s

Miscellaneous Resources

Surgical Atlas & Suture Selection Guide
By Davis & Geck
(could not locate in SASS)

Surgical Complications: Self-Instructional Guide
By Bloomquist Book 4 3rd edition
(could not locate in SASS)