Vacation Policy:

All requests for leave, including meetings, must be submitted to Dr. Pritchard for approval. Please use our online vacation request form to submit requests.

Resident Duty Hour Review:

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  1. Code of Conduct (University)Opens External Link
  2. Dismissal and DisciplinaryOpens in Acrobat
  3. Duty Hours Policy Opens in Acrobat
  4. GME Resident Supervision
  5. Handoff/Transitions of Care PolicyOpens in Acrobat
  6. Moonlighting PolicyOpens in Acrobat
  7. PGY1 Intern GuideOpens in Acrobat
  8. Policy Manual for General Surgical Residency Program
  9. PromotionOpens in Acrobat
  10. Promotion and Dismissal PolicyOpens in Acrobat
  11. Resident Evaluation PolicyOpens in Acrobat
  12. Selection PolicyOpens in Acrobat
  13. Surgery Supervision PolicyOpens in Acrobat
  14. Trauma Resident Handbook