Surgery Clerkship


The eight-week surgical clerkship is composed of a two week Regional One Health (ROH) rotation on trauma, along with a two-week subspecialty rotation of pediatrics, cardiothoracic, vascular or transplant.  The second month will be a month general surgery rotation at Baptist, Methodist, St. Francis, or the VA. Most of that time is spend on inpatients, but clinics are available and patients are expected to attend.

Students will spend half the time at ROH in the Critical Care Assessment area from 7A to 7P and the other half from 7P to 7A.  Call at the other hospitals will be “prn”.  Let your attending residents know if you want to be called for cases. 

There are several labs including suturing, knot tying and airway. There is an extensive interactive lecture series given by the faculty. In addition, students are expected to go to the Wednesday resident conferences including Grand Rounds and basic Science. These lectures and conferences are REQUIRED and take priority over clinical care.

Overall Objectives

  1. The student will become familiar with a variety of surgical diseases and their diagnosis in order to recognize the need for surgical consultation.
  2. The student will learn how to prepare patients for surgery - medically and psychologically. 
  3. The student will learn how to manage patients post-operatively, in the ICU, the hospital ward and as outpatients.


Dr. Gayle Minard, Clerkship Director
Cell: 901-201-0669
Office: 901-448-8370
Room 212, 910 Madison

Dr. George Maish, Assistant Clerkship Director
Cell: 901-831-5591
Office: 901-448-8370

Ms. Courtney Bishop, Clerkship Coordinator
Office 901-448-8370
Room 214, 910 Madison