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Priscilla Griffith
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Chief Residents

Dr. Erin James

Dr. Reena Patel

Dr. Drew Scott

Third Year Residents

Richard Antonio, M.D.Ross University

Hometown: Born and raised in Orlando, FL but I have spent a good amount of time living in Brooklyn, Chicago and Atlanta.
Family Info: Two Morkie dogs, Archaeus and Aria. My immediate family is spread all over the Southeastern coast.
Interests & Tidbits: I like fast cars and being able to modify them. I cruise around town mainly, but I have been over 170 mph in a car and over 140 mph on a motorcycle (on a racetrack of course). I like to eat at local foodie spots, and I am willing to try anything new. At home, I play with my dogs, and we kick back our paws to watch what's on TV. Occasionally, I'll turn on the XBOX 360 and jump on LIVE to run some "Call of Duty". I also enjoy getting pedicures on a regular basis, such a great way to relax!
Why St. Francis FMR: I was stuck on deciding if I wanted to be in an opposed or unopposed program, as both have their benefits. I decided to go with a university-supported unopposed program because I felt that it was the proper environment for me to learn and also be able to "do more". During my selection process, I was looking for a program that was located close to a major city. Memphis is known for Beale Street, BBQ, and Blues. In addition, I like to know that outside of residency duties, I would be able to escape to some local foodie spots, shopping malls, movie theaters, and nightlife. Lastly, the Memphis Int'l Airport is growing and it's easier for my friends and family to visit.

Sonya Chehardy, D.O.Oklahoma State University

Hometown: Carthage, Texas
Family Info: Married to Scott Chehardy, Father Extraordinaire and Civil Engineer, for the past 16 yrs
Mother of 3 gloriously remarkable boys:
Reis (sounds like REES), age 12, who really likes girls and iphones but somehow still manages to make straight A's in his advanced placement classes;
Andre', age 7, who never fails to make me smile and simultaneously leave me dumbfounded with his highly philosophical questions about God and the afterlife that I can never answer;
Maddox, age 20 months, bearer of the world's most stunning eyes and a constant source of simultaneous joy, delight and exhaustion
Hobbies/Interests: Despite raising 3 kids and being a resident, I still manage to maintain my skills as a trapeze artist. That's a joke. Who are we kidding? I'm too busy to have any hobbies. If I did, they would include cooking, traveling and reading. I did just come back from Chicago - took my kids by train. That was fun.
Why St. Francis FMR: I thought it would give me what I most desired in a residency: solid training, opportunities to learn procedures well, do lots of OB and pediatrics, and to be in a program with great camaraderie among residents and faculty. Plus, the Southern hospitality was a big draw. We just do things right in the South.
Something Surprising about Me: I grew up in Norway. And I earned my MA in English literature before I went to medical school. And I bet I can peel crawfish faster than most people you know . . .

Attri Datta, M.D.University of Alabama

Undergraduate: Johns Hopkins University
Hometown: Sugar Land, TX
Family Info: Single, no children
Interests and Tidbits: Basketball, clarinet, movies, Led Zeppelin, electronics
Why St. Francis FMR: Unopposed university affiliated program, congenial work environment, proximity to family.

Mitesh Kathrotia, M.D.Akademia Medyczna

Hometown: New York, NY
Marital Status: Married
Interests & Tidbits: restoring old cars, football, golfing, hanging out
Why St. Francis FMR: Great faculty, great location, good hospital, unopposed university affiliated program

Natalie King, M.D.University of Toledo

Hometown: Payne, OH
Marital Status: Single, no children
Interests & Tidbits: Playing piano, playing games with family and friends, worshipping, Bible study, hiking/being outdoors. I spent a few summers working at a job with duties that included cleaning dead animals off of the road and fixing broken sewage tiles.
Why St. Francis FMR: St. Francis gave me the opportunity to be involved in its International and Urban Medicine Track with Christ Community Health Services. Christ Community is made up of health professional and others who live in the inner-city of Memphis and have hearts to serve the Lord and effectively care for their neighbors who have limited resources. The opportunity to live and train with them is very exciting to me because I desire to live and serve in a low-resource community in the future. This, combined with the personable faculty and broad-spectrum training at St. Francis, makes me very glad to be here!

Lawrence LeBlond, M.D.St. George's University

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate School: CBU
Marital Status: Not married
Interests & Tidbits: I am a fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine and actively involved in creating the practice guidelines of the Wilderness Medical Society. I enjoy spending my Tuesday evenings playing trivia. I have eaten 49 of the 50 things you must eat before you die according to the BBC. I spent 15 years with YMCA sailing and SCUBA diving the English Channel, North Sea, Caribbean Sea, Great Lakes, Australia and 4 of the 5 oceans.
Why St. Francis FMR: Being a Memphian, it was great to return home after living away for over 10 years. I was looking for an unopposed program which would allow me the freedom to still pursue my interests with opportunities for further training after residency in fellowships.

Josh Lundberg, M.D.University of Texas

Undergraduate: Duke University - Biomedical Engineering
Marital Status: Happily married
Interests and Tidbits: Woodworking and theoretical physics
Why St. Francis FMR: Christ Community/International Health Track
Career Plans: Considering international medicine

Joe Samuel, M.D.Kasturba Medical College

Hometown: Dublin, GA
Undergraduate School: University of GA. Go Dawgs!
Marital Status: I've been married to my lovely wife for 8 years!
Interests & Tidbits: I enjoy running, working out, and staying fit. I've also dabbled in plumbing, carpentry and electrical work for our fixer-upper house. I like playing the piano, guitar, and also fiddling around with my banjo and ukulele.
Why St. Francis FMR: I loved the fact that the program was unopposed and that it provided a comprehensive medical training curriculum. I was extremely impressed by the amount of obstetric hands-on-experience I could get also.

Zech Smith, M.D. Marshall University

Hometown: Huntington, WV
Interests & Tidbits: Soccer, woods, running, mountains, skating rinks, reading, rivers, sports, community events. I also have 6 sisters and 2 brothers.
Why St. Francis FMR: I chose to work at Christ Community because of their dedication to living Christ-centered lives while caring for the poor of the world.

Ricky Walker, Jr. M.D.Ross University

Hometown: Albany, GA
Marital Status: Single, no children
Interests & Tidbits: Travel & Sports
Why St. Francis FMR: I chose St. Francis because I felt the environment was the best for helping me to reach my potential as a physician.

Second Year Residents

Jessica Cox Univ of Missouri, Columbia

Hometown: Sikeston, Missouri
Undergraduate School: University of Missouri-Columbia (Bachelor of Science in Biology)
Graduate School: Saint Louis University (Master of Public Health in Epidemiology)
Marital Status: I am currently unmarried and do not have children.
Interests & Tidbits: I am an avid professional boxing and basketball fan. The Boston Celtics are my absolute favorite NBA team, and Sergio Martinez is my favorite boxer. I love music (especially rhythm and blues), long road trips, and spending time with my family and friends.
Why St. Francis FMR: I chose UT-St. Francis because the program's emphasis on full spectrum family medicine. Residents at UT-St. Francis get excellent exposure to obstetrics, outpatient medicine, and inpatient service-all of which, I know that I will need in the future as a rural family practitioner.

Donald Dickert Med Univ of South Carolina

Hometown: Augusta, Georgia

Randall FeatherMed Univ of the Americas

Hometown: I'm originally from a small farm town in Southern Illinois. Downtown consist of a 3 way stop that is surrounded by a John Deere parts store, a local bank, gas station and diner. It's the kind of place where everyone is a neighbor and each September we have the Bean Days festival to celebrate our town's heritage.
Undergraduate School: LSU - I bleed Purple and Gold
Interests & Tidbits: I have a Victorian Bulldog named Chaucer. I drive a Jeep. I like all things sports. I play the guitar, bass and the Djembe. I prefer reading to watching television.
Why St. Francis FMR: I chose UTHSC because it is an unopposed university program with multiple fellowship opportunities. Because UTHSC is only a quick drive downtown we also have ample opportunities to rotate through the Children's Hospital or any of the other subspecialty fields of medicine.

Scout Farah The Univ of Tennessee

Hometown: Clarksville, TN
Undergraduate school: University of Notre Dame
Interests & Tidbits: I love Memphis and our food, music and people! I enjoy traveling and reading and spending time with my fiance.
Why St. Francis FMR: Great program with helpful, approachable faculty. The residents are all very close and friendly. The family medicine program is unopposed but residents have access to the wide network of UT residency programs throughout the city of Memphis for specialty electives. We also have an OB fellowship, which means there are always OB fellows around who are eager to help teach OB principles and procedures. In addition, working alongside the urban track residents allows us to learn how to better address social issues and healthcare problems associated with poverty. Overall UT St Francis provides its residents with a close-knit group of colleagues and a wide range of opportunities.

Erin James Ross University

Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Undergraduate School: Mercer University
Interests & Tidbits: Trying new restaurants, meeting new people, outdoor activities, traveling and working out.
Why St. Francis FMR: I chose UT because I wanted an unopposed program with a strong ED experience. The work environment also has intelligent yet down to earth people that are fun to work with.

Alexander KieuUniv of Kansas

Hometown: Wichita, KS
Undergraduate School: University of Colorado at Boulder
Marital Status: Single
Interesting Tidbit: : I love soccer, skiing, camping, rock climbing, and chipotle burritos.
Why St. Francis FMR: The Christ Community Family Medicine track is what drew me to Memphis. I am grateful to be in a program that values broad spectrum family medicine for the purposes of loving and serving the most underprivileged for the honor and glory of God.
Career Plans: If i am stateside, i imagine serving with the urban underserved. Otherwise i am planning on long term medical missions in developing countries.

Andrew KimState Univ of New York

Hometown: Ardsley, NY
Undergraduate School: Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH
Marital Status: Married, no children
Interesting Tidbit: One of my life goals is to write a children's book.

Brett MaloneUniv of Kansas, Wichita

Hometown: McPherson, KS
Undergraduate School: Greenville College (Greenville, IL)
Marital Status: Married, no kids.
Interests & Tidbits: Soccer, running and traveling
Why St. Francis FMR: I desire to serve the poor through medicine, and St. Francis and the Christ Community track will provide me with the best training for that career.

Sarah MetcalfKansas City Univ of Medicine

Hometown: Fridley, MN

Shawn Naranjo American Univ of the Caribbean

Hometown: Texas City, TX
Undergraduate School: De Paul University
Interests & Tidbits: Outside of medicine, I really enjoy travel, cooking, live music, biking and relaxing at the pool.

Reena Patel American Univ of Antigua

Hometown: Memphis, TN
Undergraduate School: Christian Brothers Univ.
Marital Status: Married to Chirag Patel. No kids.
Interests & Tidbits: Running, gym, travel, spending time with family & friends, reading baking.

Christopher Peoples Loma Linda University

Hometown: Englewood, CO
Undergraduate School: University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Biomedical Engineering
Marital Status: I'm not married.
Interests & Tidbits: I love playing worship music on my guitar, hiking and climbing mountains, and baking bread from scratch.

Marla PotterUniv of Arizona, Phoenix

Hometown: Gilbert, Arizona
Undergraduate School: University of Pennsylvania
Marital Status: Married, no children
Interests & Tidbits: I used to be a professional balloon twister
Why St. Francis FMR: I was drawn by the excellent clinical faculty, the extensive inpatient/Ob experiences, and the Christ Community track.

Drew Scott University of Tennessee

Hometown: Bartlett, TN
Undergraduate School: Rhodes College
Marital Status: Married on 6/2/12
Interests & Tidbits: Musician, enjoy golfing and bowling, STL Cardinals fan.
Why St. Francis FMR: I did an M3 rotation in family medicine and really liked the program. The residents were very friendly and great to work with. It also allowed me to stay near mine and my wife's family.

First Year Residents

Gareth BridgeUniversity of Texas-Houston

Esther EngTexas A&M

Kristen FullerSaba University

Robert GousseUniv of South Florida Tampa

David HuberLoma Linda

Monica JumaLincoln Memorial Univ - Osteopathic Medicine

Nichole KinardTulane

Austin KlintWayne State

Katie KopinskiUniv of Tennessee

Ferishta NawabiSan Juan Bautista

Pratik PatelAmerican Univ of Antigua

Riddhi PatelAmerican International Medical Univ

Adam RossUniv of Tennessee

Allie TinninUniv of Tennessee