Tutoring FAQs


I want to be a SASSI tutor, what do I need to do?

Students must have earned an A or high B in the course for which they would like to tutor.  Students interested in becoming tutors should contact the SASSI Tutoring Coordinator, Sarah Dunnavant at sdunnava@uthsc.edu. SASSI will seek approval for all tutors from the appropriate course director.  Once approved to lead SASSI-sponsored tutoring, students must complete the appropriate paperwork and an on-line tutor training.  Students may not lead SASSI-sponsored tutoring until they have completed these steps.

I need a tutor! How does that work?

Through the Campus Wide Tutoring Program, SASSI provides peer tutoring for all programs at UTHSC.  Group tutoring is available in select courses for all students prior to the first assessment.  After the first assessment, group tutoring is available for students with a failing grade, as determined by their program.  Individual tutoring is also available on a case-by-case basis.  Students interested in receiving tutoring should contact SASSI at sassi@uthsc.edu or (901) 448-5056.

I am a tutor and need to turn in my time sheet. Who do I give it to?

Tutoring timesheets are available on the SASSI Blackboard by clicking Tutoring Tutor Training and Timehseets. Timesheets are due biweekly and can be turned in at the front desk of SASSI or emailed to the SASSI Tutoring Coordinator, Sarah Dunnavant, at sdunnava@utshc.edu.

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