The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health



The University of Tennessee has assigned the responsibility for an annual safety and health evaluation, review and audit of each campus, location and health care facility to the University Wide Safety and Health Administration. The UWA has the responsibility to develop and maintain the standards and criteria used for such an audit in order to determine overall compliance and quality of performance. This audit is an audit of campus compliance and is not to be construed as an evaluation of any individual's performance.

  1. The UWA will prepare an agenda and necessary pre-audit standards and communicate them in a timely manner to the safety officers of each campus, location or health care facility.
  2. It is the responsibility of the SO to thoroughly, and in a timely manner, respond to requests for information, analysis, and documentation of safety and health conditions prior to the Annual Safety and Health Audit. The Annual Safety and Health Audit shall consist of:
    1. A. A review by UWA of the SO's analysis of existing campus safety compliance provided to the UWA.
    2. B. Determination of the status of any outstanding findings and/or recommendations made during the previous audit.
    3. C. The UWA will review the current status of all safety and audit criteria with the SO.
    4. D. A joint visit by the UWA and SO of various campus locations and facilities will be conducted in order to evaluate specific compliance and make recommendations for the abatement of safety hazards where needed.
    5. E. Following the completion of the Annual Safety and Health Audit, the UWA will issue a written audit report addressing any findings and needed abatements.
    6. F. The SO should review the written audit report and may respond, or seek clarification, to any findings prior to the date set for abatement.
    7. G. The SO will have the responsibility to report to the UWA within the time provided in the audit report to on the correction and/or abatements as listed in the Annual Safety and Health Audit.