The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health



The University recognizes the public's concern for a safer and healthier environment. Local, state and federal governments have created laws and established agencies to monitor and to regulate potential safety and health exposures to the public. It is the policy of the University not only to comply with such laws, but also to cooperate with the local, state and federal agencies who regulate and enforce them.

  1. It shall be the responsibility of the SO to serve as the campus' representative during any visit or inspection by local, state, or federal regulatory agencies except in matters involving ionizing radioactive materials.
  2. The designated Campus Radiation SO shall act as the campus' representative on all matters involving ionizing radioactive materials and in accordance with the campus' licensed use of these materials.
  3. The Campus SO and Radiation SO shall report the visit of any local, state or federal regulatory agencies to their campus administration.
  4. The SO and/or the Radiation SO shall immediately report to both the campus administration and the UWA any actual or anticipated criticisms, citations or adverse findings by the local, state and federal regulators following their visit.
  5. It shall be the responsibility of each campus, location or health care facility to undertake the necessary action to remedy and to correct the source of such action or concern of regulating agency.
  6. The UWA shall, in addition to other appropriate administrative persons, be notified immediately of any fine or penalty that has been proposed or levied by the regulatory agencies for alleged violations of law within that agency's jurisdiction.

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