The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

REVISED 4/1/93

It shall be the responsibility of each campus or location of the University to develop a comprehensive Emergency Response Plan. Such a plan shall be coordinated at the appropriate campus administrative level, utilizing the input and resources available to the campus internally and externally.

Such a plan shall be developed in the event of potential or actual catastrophic events (both natural and man-made) occurring on or in the proximity of the campus or property of the University. The plan shall include written policies and procedures for the following:

  1. Type of emergencies covered.
  2. Person to contact in the event of a disaster.
  3. Documentation of activities, including names of person involved, times, etc.
  4. Duties and responsibilities of person involved.
  5. Communications and public relations responsibilities.
  6. Method(s) of appraisal of situation.
  7. Evacuation routes.
  8. Relationship with public authorities, e.g. law enforcement, fire, civil defense, and environmental authorities.
  9. Medical - first aid facilities.
  10. Mutual aid with other facilities, community, etc.
  11. Role of campus SO.
  12. Methods of testing plan, communication of plan, and its update and revision.
  13. This plan should be reviewed by the appropriate campus administrators annually for its currency and appropriateness.
  14. The plan must be communicated to the appropriate campus departments and divisions for their knowledge in the event of need to participate in either drills or an actual disaster.