The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

Each campus, location or health care facility shall develop an appropriate method for the analysis of accidents or occurrences which produce bodily injury or property damage. Such analysis should include: frequency of occurrence, severity of outcome and site of accident of a particular type of injury or nature of injury. Such analysis should provide the Campus SO with necessary information to establish trends of accident occurrence and, as such, should suggest appropriate preventive measures to be undertaken.

Loss prevention activities on the part of the Campus SO shall be consistent with the priorities and objective of the respective location considering past accident trends and newly identified exposure to specific hazards. Loss prevention methods will take various approaches. Among these are:

  1. The safety inspections of premises and equipment.
  2. The specific safety and health education (e.g. driver training, machine operation and instruction and use of safety and health equipment).
  3. The use of equipment and machinery according to design and safety manuals.
  4. The consulting with various departments on the planning of new activities, programs and construction.