The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

REVISED 7/1/90

Each campus, location or health care facility shall develop a comprehensive procedure for the investigation and reporting of all safety and health related accidents and incidents which occur within the geographical jurisdiction of the campus/unit or may involve the campus/unit's personnel or property at other locations.

The procedure established should provide for a prompt and complete objective description of the incident and any injuries sustained. Subsequent investigation should include guidance to ensure that predominating and contributing cause information is obtained and must encourage the submission of recommendations designed to prevent future occurrences of a like nature.

Such reports of accidents, incidents or occurrences shall be on the form and in the manner as prescribed by the Office of Risk Management.

Each campus, location or health care facility shall encourage, promote and provide a method for employees and students to report unsafe and/or potentially hazardous conditions to the appropriate campus authority, including the campus safety and health officer. The reporting of such conditions by an employee shall in no way result in disciplinary action or reprisal against the employee.

An employee may report such conditions directly to the campus SO and request anonymity.