The University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health


EFFECTIVE: 3/15/86

REVISED 4/1/93


The Safety Officer (SO) for each campus, location and health care facility of the University of Tennessee will review accident experience and safety problems that occur on property owned or leased by the University. He or she will review report of accidents, industrial illnesses and fires, and submit to appropriate person, recommendations to correct hazardous conditions. The SO has the responsibility to recommend changes in existing policies to improve safety and health conditions. The SO shall serve as a resource for the review of planned construction and remodeling of existing property in matters involving life, fire and employee safety and make necessary recommendations to those person responsible. The SO shall be the responsible campus officer in the determination, evaluation and recommendation of abatement of all physical hazards to life and property, and shall provide the technical support for the training and education necessary for the location's safety programs. The Campus SO shall establish a program for the review and investigation of employee and student concerns regarding safety and health issues and hazards.


The administrative divisions and departments of each respective location shall consult with the SO as a resource for determining the need and availability of specific types of safety and health equipment.


The SO will maintain a current library of safety and health publications and will solicit access to libraries of such organizations as the National Safety Council, the National Fire Protection Association, Tennessee Department of Health and Environment, Center for Disease Control and various other organizations. The resources of the SO's library will be available to all members of the University community. The SO will prepare or provide training aids, charts, etc., necessary to support the safety and health goals of the University.


The SO will identify and, on request, assist departments in fulfilling their needs in training personnel in fire prevention and minor fire fighting, accident prevention, environmental health and sanitation, personal first aid and other related safety and health subjects.


The SO will maintain an accurate file for all accidents and incidents, including work-related accident, occurring at that location, campus or health facility. The SO will perform, or cause to be performed , an investigation and analysis of each serious accident involving bodily injury or property damage occurring at his/her location and provide necessary information to the appropriate campus and/or system officials for the taking of any necessary action. A record of the SO's findings and recommendations will be maintained by the SO.


The SO will conduct, or cause to be conducted, safety and sanitation inspections of all facilities of the University at his/her particular location, campus or health facility on an annual basis with recommendations for abatement and/or correction to be provided to the appropriate person. Copies of the SO's findings in the course of these inspections shall be forwarded to the UWA Safety Office.

In locations where University employees are assigned to either premises not owned by the University or not under the direct control of the University, the SO shall determine the need to inspect and/or verify that these locations are inspected for any adverse conditions and necessary abatement to safety hazards are carried out in an appropriate manner. University employees at these locations shall be advised of the University of Tennessee Policies on Safety &;Health, Campus Safety Policy and the availability of the campus SO.


  1. The SO will be responsible for the updating, publication and distribution of the Campus Safety and Health Manual.
  2. The Campus Safety and Health Manual will provide general rules for safety and health and establish basic policies and procedures that are to be followed by the campus in the conduct of the campus' safety program.
  3. The SO will coordinate the formulation of specific policies and procedures for particular units or departments of his/her location. It is the responsibility of each department to support and enforce the policies and procedures contained in the Campus Safety Manual.
  4. The SO shall review the Campus Safety Manual for its currency at least annually with the appropriate persons responsible.
  5. The SO will distribute the University of Tennessee Policies on Safety and Health (this manual) to the appropriate departments and/or persons at his/her location, campus or health care facility.


The SO will comply with the requirements of the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health Act (TOSHA) and other similar state and federal laws, including the maintenance of necessary campus safety records. The SO shall have the responsibility to report to the appropriate Campus and System official any significant breach of conformance to these laws. All inspections that are made by the SO will be directed toward compliance with the above standards.

The SO shall have the responsibility for the maintenance of all records and documents required by OSHA/TOSHA for his/her location. All records and documents shall be maintained in such a manner so as to provide immediate reference or availability to appropriate authorities upon their request.


It shall be the responsibility of the Campus Safety and Health Officer to prepare an annual report of safety and health activities occurring on the campus for the past fiscal year (beginning July 1 of the previous year to June 30 of the present year). This report shall be prepared for the review and information of the chief administrative officer of the campus, location or health care facility and forwarded to the UWA Office by July 15 of the present year. The content and/or format of this report will be provided by the UWA Safety and Health Office prior to its due date.