Amount of Support

  1. The maximum allowable amount for bridge funding is $75,000.
  2. Allowable costs include: (1) salary, fringe benefits and longevity pay (if applicable), for individuals whose salaries are supported by the interrupted grant, i.e., non-tenure track staff members (including post-doctoral fellows, limited term or part-time faculty members) and exempt and non-exempt staff; (2) publication costs; (3) equipment costs, such as service contracts and maintenance (but not large equipment purchases); (4) travel funds (with a limitation of $1,500), for attending a national scientific meeting; (5) research supplies.
  3. Bridge funding is not intended to replace the salary support of any tenured, tenure-track, regular, or affiliated faculty member, or cover graduate student stipends (if supported by the graduate college). 
  4. Calculation of bridge support is based on, and may not exceed, the total direct cost (TDC) for the prior year of the expired grant, exclusive of tenured, tenure-track, or affiliated faculty salaries; graduate student stipends; travel; and large equipment purchases.
  5. Within the limits of the bridge funding guidelines, the principal investigator is free to allocate his/her Bridge Support Award funds as deemed appropriate.
  6. Willful misrepresentation of the budget will result in loss of eligibility.