Research Resources

Welcome to the Research Resources website at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. These resources are elements of the University's research infrastructure that provides an environment in which our investigators can develop, maintain, and enhance their respective research programs

Research Resources Include:


Institutional Research Cores
Core Name Core Director Phone
Lab Animal Care Unit 
Price List
David Hamilton, DVM, DACLAM 448-7311
Regional Biocontainment Laboratory
Price List
Mark Miller, Ph.D. 448-6649
Flow Cytomerty and Cell Sorting 
Price List
Tony Marion, Ph.D. 448-6527
Molecular Bioinformatics
Price List
Daniel Johnson, Ph.D. 448-3748
Molecular Resource Center
Price List
William Taylor, Ph.D. 448-6165
Proteomics and Metabolomics
Price List
David Kakhniashvili, Ph.D. 448-6191
Research Histology
Price List
Louisa Balazs, M.D., Ph.D. 448-6300

Research Space Policy

Statistics and Methodology Consulting