Research Centers and Programs

Welcome to Research at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center. As these pages will show, UTHSC's research programs span a broad spectrum of fields.

At the forefront of these programs are the University of Tennessee Centers of Excellence in Genomics and Bioinformatics, Vascular Biology, Neurobiology of Brain Diseases and Connective Tissue Diseases. The newly established University of Tennessee Cancer Institute was recently accepted as a member of National Comprehensive Cancer Network. The Neuroscience Institute is one of the largest concentrated neuroscience programs in the country and has achieved an international reputation as a preeminent center for neuroscience in the United States. Faculty at the UTHSC are leaders in the field of mouse genetics and are responsible for the establishment of research consortia such as the Tennessee Mouse Genome Consortium and the Complex Trait Consortium. In addition, they have also pioneered the development of the iScope project.

Centers of Excellence

Research Programs and Institutes