IACUC Contact Information

IACUC Office Location
910 Madison Avenue, Suite 650
Memphis, TN 38163

Administrator IACUC
Mary Frances Braslow
Phone: 448-3904
FAX: 448-5222

Trevor Sweatman, Ph.D., Professor of Pharmacology
Phone: 448-4591
Email: tsweatman@uthsc.edu

IACUC Vice Chair
Thaddeus Nowak, Ph.D., Professor of Neurology
Phone: 448-7384
Email: tnowak@uthsc.edu

Contact Information for Questions
For questions or assistance concerning Animal Protocols, please contact the Administrator at 448-3904.

Concerning Animal Care, Husbandry, or Handling, or Housing Contact
The Department of Comparative Medicine, B106 Coleman Building
Phone: 448-5656