Verification of Proposal-Protocol Congruence

Public Health Service (PHS) policy requires that institutions verify congruence between those components of PHS grant applications related to animal care and use and approved Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) protocols.

Public Health Service (PHS) policy states that awards may not be issued unless the awardee's IACUC "provide[s] verification that the IACUC has reviewed and approved those sections of the application that involve use of vertebrate animal..."

When does a grant proposal need to be congruent with a IACUC-approved protocol?
If a submitted grant application states an IACUC approval date, all proposed animal activities should have been already reviewed and approved by the IACUC at the time of submission. Otherwise the IACUC review should be indicated as "pending" on the grant application. It is then the responsibility of the PI to ensure that a corresponding protocol is submitted and approved prior to any potential "just-in-time" request from the funding agency. For NIH grants this requires immediate protocol submission once the study section has met and scored the grant. For other funding agencies that permit a 'pending' designation, a protocol is best submitted at the time of grant submission.

Request for verification of proposal-protocol congruence:
The ORC does not receive information regarding application scoring, and recommends that any investigator who receives a score in a potentially fundable range on a grant submission contact the ORC and request that his/her grant proposal be compared to the associated IACUC-approved protocol(s). In order to verify proposal/protocol congruence the ORC will need the name of the grant proposal, name of the PI/s, and the corresponding IACUC-approved protocol/s. The ORC can be contacted regarding proposal/protocol congruence at the following email and phone number:

Gene Hines