Research Policies

Animals in Research (Use of)

Assignment of Research Space

Assurances of Compliance with Federal Regulations

Bureaus, Centers, and Institutes (Creation of) 

Conflict of Interest 

Controlled Substances and Legend Drugs (Policy and Procedures for Compliance with Federal and State Regulations for)


Debarment and Suspension (Disclosure of)

Delinquency on Federal Debt (Disclosure of)

Dishonesty (Fraud, Theft, and Abuse)

Drug-Free Workplace


Export Control

External Funding

Facilities and Administrative Costs

Facilities and Administrative Costs Rate Agreements

Facility and Administrative Cost Reimbursement Budget

Finder's Fee (Prohibition of Payment)

Grants and Contracts

Hazardous Materials

Health Records Required by Law (Maintenance of Employee)

Human Subjects in Research (Use of)

ID Card/Card Reader and Key Control

Infection Control

Information Technology Resources

Intellectual Property

Misconduct in Research and Service

Patents and Copyrights

Purchase of Supplies, Equipment, and Services from Outside

Radiation Safety

Radioactive Drugs

Recombinant DNA (Use of)

University Records

University Symbol (Logo), Institutional Designation (Name), Letterhead and Printed Materials

University Travel

Other Documents Related to Research

Faculty Incentive Program – Sponsored Projects (Fiscal Procedure F200)

UTHSC Faculty Handbook

UTHSC Fiscal Procedures

UTHSC Institutional Review Board Policy and Procedures

UTHSC Personnel Procedures

UTHSC Safety Manual