Transferring a Grant

When a PI transfers from one U.S. research institution to another, sponsored projects may also be transferred.  However, the final decision on transfer is left to the discretion of the sponsor.  Generally, grants are eligible for transfer except under the following circumstances:

  1. The grant is in the last six (6) months of the funding period.
  2. The award was based primarily upon facilities or resources unique to the original recipient institution.
  3. The institution to which the PI is transferring is ineligible to receive funds.

Follow these steps when a PI transfers to another U.S. institution and wishes to transfer grant funds:

PHS grants:

In order to transfer PHS (e.g., NIH) grant (whether pending or funded), the PI must work with the original recipient institution to relinquish the grant. Generally, a "Change of Institution" is initiated in eRA Commons by the signing official of the recipient institution and will require the following information:

      • Grant # (e.g., R01 AI 123456)
      • Name of the new institution
      • Contact e-mail for the new institution
      • Termination date
      • Direct and Indirect Costs transferring
      • Equipment transferring with the grant
      • For funded grants, the grant must also be closed out at the original recipient institution; so PIs should work with the original institution to complete that process.

A "new" grant application must be submitted through the new institution, via a Type 7 grant application. Forms with pre-filled UTHSC information are available on our web site; please use the appropriate form for your campus. In addition, institution information (ID #, contacts, etc.) is available on ORA FAQ page. 

PIs transferring grants in to UTHSC should work with their departmental business office to prepare the UT budget and other forms and route it to ORA via PAMS for submission to the sponsor.

For additional questions, contact or call 901 448-5587.

Non-PHS grants:

For other types of grants, the PI should bring a copy of the original grant application and the notice of award to the departmental business manager, who will work with Research Administration to determine steps needed to transfer the grant. Generally, a letter requesting the transfer should be prepared and should include the following:

    • Name of PI
    • Title and number of grant
    • Name of original institution
    • Name of new institution
    • Reason for transfer
    • Proposed date of transfer
    • Funding amount and list of equipment to be transferred
    • Request for approval of the transfer
    • Signatures of PI and Institutional Official


For grants being transferred in to UTHSC, this information will need to be routed to ORA via PAMS.


Generally, contracts do not transfer from one institution to another. In some cases, if the PI wishes to continue the project at the new institution, he or she may request to terminate the contract at the original institution and enter into a new agreement at the new institution. PIs should work with the Research Administration and Sponsored Programs offices at the respective institutions, as well as the departmental business manager regarding contracts.