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Free Epigenetic Profiling Offer - Low Risk/High Reward

Identify predictive epigenetic signatures that drive disease progression and therapeutic efficacy in your DNA samples using Genome Profiling, LLC’s Proof-of-Value Demonstration Program

Genome Profiling, LLC (“GenPro”) is offering a one time, free Proof-of-Value (POV) Demonstration Program for its powerful new solution for Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) based epigenetic analyses. GenPro’s next-generation predictive epigenetic software platform measures and quantifies genome-wide DNA methylation at individual CpG positions to assess alterations impacting phenotype status and physiological health for more accurate individualized disease diagnostics and treatment therapeutics. 

Additional information about GenPro's POV Program:

Proof-of-Value Demonstration Program Description:  To build support for this new technology, GenPro will select ten (10) participants from bio-pharmaceutical and diagnostics companies, academic institutions, foundations, etc. to participate in this program at no cost.

The Program

GenPro will perform NGS and GenPro AnalyticsTM methylation profiles on the selected DNA samples.

 GenPro will provide to each participant:

-  NGS data for all DNA samples
  Genome-wide epigenetic profiles including quantifiable DNA methylation sites and a list of predictive methylation biomarkers
  Publication-qualityfigures depicting genomic and epigenomic information
  Complementary consultation on the results

The selected participants in the program will:

-  Provide up to 4 one-microgram samples of isolated gDNA that can be logically matched for an epigenetic comparison (See specifics below)
  Provide feedback on the potential value and use of the GenPro epigeneticprofile results
  Assist with the possible publication of their Proof-of-Value outcomes (subject to Participant’s prior agreement, review and approval) 
  Provide specific feedback on the GenPro’s epigenetic profiling information thatwill influence product capabilities and priorities
  Be eligible for a discount on follow-on methylation profiling services provided by GenPro.

Proof-of-Value Program Schedule:

-  Application Due Date:  August 15, 2014
-  POV Selection Date:   August 22, 2014
  Sample Due Date:      September 15, 2014
  Results Delivery Date: 4 – 8 weeks receipt of DNA samples

For more information or questions about the program contact:

Annamarie Pasqualone
GenPro Proof-of-Value Program Director
Genome Profiling, LLC>

Program Specifics:  

-  Samples should be anonymous including appropriate control and test group comparisons such as normal vs. tumor tissues, or tissue samples that represent distinct stages of disease progression, or tissues that represent pre- and post- treatment states that could be used to identify epigenetic biomarkers. Samples from blood serum will be considered.
  Samples can be from human subjects or animals.
  All provided samples should be accompanied by a brief description of the researcher’s project including relevant details like sample sources, control vs. test comparisons, verification of appropriate IRB clearance for clinical samples, etc.
  All human samples must be submitted without patient identification.
  All data and results will be kept confidential in conformance with a mutual NDA and all sequence data will be fully encrypted while in transport and in storage.

Additional information about GenPro's POV Program:


2014 Genomics Grant Challenge

In support of the advancement of genomic research, NuGEN is accepting applications for a grant award valued at up to $10,000 of NuGEN's sample preparation solutions for DNA or RNA sequencing studies.

  • Submit a 500 word non-confidential study proposal by September 30, 2014, incorporating NuGEN's sample preparation solutions for target enrichment or transcriptome sequencing studies.
  • Winner will be announced on October 30, 2014 and study may commence immediately thereafter.
  • Proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of NuGEN senior technical staff. Award selection will be based on novel and sound experimental design. Innovative study proposals are encouraged.

Submit your abstract of 500 words or less today and make your ground-breaking discoveries tomorrow!

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