The MRC has acquired computer hardware and software systems capable of capturing and handling scientific images at high speed. By moving away from traditional photographic methods, we greatly speed up the progress of our science and at the same time, save money in all projects that involve images.

Through the use of digital imaging, phosphorimaging, confocal microscopy, and digital microscopy, the MRC provides state-of-the-art imaging equipment to meet the needs of the research community.

Digital Imaging

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Visualizing cells and cellular constituents at the microscopic level through high resolution optics and photographic systems is one of the foundations of research cell biology. The MRC uses a Zeiss Axiophot Photomicroscope with automatic exposure digital system. This scope is equipped with medium to high resolution objectives for all bright-field, phase and fluorescence applications.

For further information, please email or contact Felicia Waller at (901) 448-8746.


The Molecular Dynamics Typhoon Model 8600 Phosphoimager is located at the VAMC in room BB107 and is capable of scanning exposed storage phosphor screens, fluorescent (532nm or 633nm excitation), and chemiluminescent samples. ImageQuant software analysis tools can be used to perform area or volume quantitation on scanned images. DNA and protein fragments separated by electrophoresis can be analyzed using the fragment analysis software.

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