Illumina Microarray

The Molecular Resource Center in collaboration with the Vision Research Core of the Hamilton Eye Institute is pleased to make available an Illumina whole genome SNP and Microarray gene expression analysis core service at the UTHSC. 

Gene expression analysis includes RNA QA/QC, RNA labeling, processing of chip and data analysis.

Human and mouse samples $250.00 per sample: minimum 6 samples

Rat samples $190.00 per sample: minimum 12 samples

Total RNA purification at mini prep level is available for an additional charge.  Please contact the Molecular Resource Center (8-6191) for cost and availability of RNA purification.

Whole Genome SNP analysis includes DNA QA/QC, DNA labeling, processing of chip and data analysis.

Genome Analysis Method Price
HumanHap 550 v3.0 $575.00 per sample
HumanHap 650Y v3.0 $495.00 per sample
HumanHap 1M v1.0 $725.00 per sample

For additional information please contact Dr. William Taylor at 448-6191.

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