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Services Provided

Flow Cytometric Analyses

The following are examples of flow cytometric analyses available:

  • Differentiation of relative cell size and complexity for eukaryotic and prokaryotic cells
  • Simultaneous detection and quantification of expression of up to 11 cell surface and/or intracellular molecules with flurophore-labeled antibodies
  • Ca2+ flux measurement among cell subpopulations defined by multiple cell-surface markers
  • Detection and quantification of GFP-labeled protein expression
  • Ca2+ flux during cell signaling among cell subpopulations defined by cell surface markers
  • DNA quantification and cell cycle analysis
  • Detection and quantification of apoptosis
  • High Throughput Screening (HTS) of cells or flurophore-labeled beads for the detection of cytokines or cell signaling phosphoproteins, i.e. BD Cytometric Bead Array (CBA)

Cell Sorting Services

The following are examples of cell sorting services available:

  • High-speed sorting of cells identified with up to 12 cell surface and/or intracellular fluorescent markers into four or fewer defined subpopulations
  • Detection and high-speed sorting of bacteria or eukaryotic subcellular particles
  • Sorting into microwell plates
  • Single-cell deposition into microwell plates or onto microscope slides

Last Published: Sep 30, 2016