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The Collaborative Research Network (CORNET) Awards provide seed money to stimulate innovative, interdisciplinary, team-based research which will give rise to future extramural funding.



To celebrate the productive year of our CORNET Award teams, and to learn more about their discoveries, we are hosting the second annual symposium where CORNET teams will present the results of their work. CORNET Teams who’s one-year Award period has concluded will be asked to present a short talk, followed by a Q&A session.

When: October 29, 2018 from 9:30am – 2:15pm

Where: The Freeman Auditorium (930 Madison Avenue, 3rd Floor).

Please RSVP by October 24, 2018 via Outlook Forms.


2016 CORNET Award Winners

UTHSC Cross-College Collaborations

Stimulate interdisciplinary research across UTHSC college boundaries

CORNET- Clinical

Stimulate research productivity among UTHSC faculty members who function as clinicians (Physicians, Dentists, Clinical Psychologists, RNs, Physical and Occupational Therapists, Clinical Pharmacists, etc.). Although the main targets are junior, new, or young investigators, established faculty members who are new to research or entering a new field of research will also be considered.

UT CORNET Cancer Conference invited speakers announcement

UT System Collaborations

Stimulate research across all UT campuses


steve goodman and kristin hamre

USA Collaborations

Awards for collaborative research in areas of shared interest/strength between UTHSC and other Mid-South universities.

Aiming to create a collaborative encompassing each of the six areas of Excellence designated in the Operational Strategic Plan for Research.

UTHSC, Tulane University and University of Mississippi Medical Center- Health Disparities Research

UTHSC/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Substance Abuse

UTHSC/University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences- Cancer

Industry Collaborations

UTHSC/Southern Research- Drug Discovery & Development

Aims to launch drug discovery programs that are based on new and unique biology of disease that will fill significant unmet medical needs.

This initiative should be viewed as much more than a mechanism for seed money for future funding opportunities – it is a unique opportunity for developing a broad collaborative program in drug discovery that will yield the generation of new intellectual property (IP) and patents, and the establishment of new academic-industry partnerships that could lead to the founding of new companies.

Global Collaborations

Awards for collaborative research in areas of shared interest/strength between UTHSC and our global partners.

UTHSC/Harbin Medical University

Last Published: Oct 15, 2018