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Biosafety Cabinet Certification

 The BSC request process has recently changed. All requests must be made through iLab for the RBL Core Facility. The PI will need to access the below link and register the lab. You will need your NetID and password. The PI’s main role is to manage the funds within a lab, manage the lab members, approve requests if needed, and view and approve invoices. If you have any questions or problems, please contact Steve Wills at 901-448-2389 ( or Jayne McKinnie at 901-448-3032 (

How to Make a BSC Request

  1. Navigate to the UTHSC Institutional Research Cores webpage for details on iLab and how to get started.
  2. New iLab users will need to create an iLab account by visiting the UTHSC iLab website and following the registration instructions in the documents linked below:

    1. PI or Business Manager: UTHSC PI and PI Business Manager Manual
    2. Member of a PI's Lab: UTHSC User Registration Manual
  3. On the iLab Request Service webpage, please select “Request Biosafety Cabinet Certification."
  4. Once your request is successfully entered you will be contacted via email to schedule a date and time for this service.

The cost for biosafety cabinet certification is $100 per cabinet for UTHSC faculty and staff (internal customers). Decontamination services prior to filter replacement or motor repairs are $300 for internal customers. BSC repairs are charged at $35/person/hour and parts are billed separately.

If you have any questions or need assistance in accessing the RBL iLab Core, please contact Jayne McKinnie at 901-448-3032 or

two lab personnel in front of cabinet

RBL facilities personnel Rob Benson and Sam Woods

Last Published: Jan 21, 2019