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Hot Topics in Research

Hot Topics in Research is an educational lunch-and-learn series designed to inform the UTHSC community of opportunities and resources available to them. Attendees will learn about a variety of topics, from institutional support and tools to new policies, regulations and trending topics in the areas of health science education and research. 


"Performing Clinical Research at UTHSC: The Clinical Trials Governance Board and You" presented by Dr. Ari VanderWalde, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research- Clinical Trials; Chair, Clinical Trials Governance Board; and Dr. Karen Johnson, Endowed Professor for Women's Health Department of Preventive Medicine; Vice Chair, Clinical Trials Governance Board; Co-Director, TN-CTSI

 hot topics in research


When: May 21, 2019 at 12:00 pm CT

Where: General Education Building, Room A104 (8 S. Dunlap Street)

Lunch will be provided for the first 50 attendees!

About this Session

Clinical research represents the junction between patient care and academic pursuits, and as such is an intrinsic goal at UTHSC. There are many opportunities to conduct clinical research at UTHSC in each campus. There are multiple affiliated clinical trial offices each of which controls at least one physical clinical trial space. Some of these offices employ full time coordinators while some lease coordinators or use individual investigator coordinators. Some of these offices exclusively contract through UTHSC- others allow for contracting through MLH or other sponsors with operational funds passing through to UTHSC. Some of the offices are college or department specific, others support researchers across campuses and departments. The creation of these offices occurred organically over the course of many years to meet various needs of different researchers. Because of the overlapping nature of these offices, the Clinical Trials Governance Board (CTGB) was created in 2016 to create a federated model by which best practices could be determined, resources could be shared, and leadership in clinical research identified. This session will help potential investigators navigate through the system to conduct clinical studies and introduce them to the offices and structures that will facilitate their clinical trial needs.

To register for the session and HR128 credit, please visit the HR128 website. To see an archive of past presentations, please see the Recorded Presentations webpage.

Last Published: May 10, 2019