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Hot Topics in Research


hot topics in research


When: May 23, 2017 from 12:00-1:00 pm
Location: GEB A104
Presentation Topic: "Technology Transfer at the University of Tennessee: Inventions and Disclosures”
Presented by: Richard Magid, Vice President, University of Tennessee Research Foundation


When UTHSC faculty, staff, and students make a discovery or invention with the significant commercial potential, the University of Tennessee Research Foundation works with the inventors to evaluate the idea, protect the intellectual property rights, and find partners to bring the idea to market. At UTHSC, our innovative ideas are tomorrow’s drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and diagnostics. In this Hot Topics session, UTRF Vice President Richard Magid will detail the services that UTRF has available for researchers. Specific areas to be addressed are how new ideas are evaluated, what to expect when your invention is licensed to industry, and the new Entrepreneur-In-Residence program. Richard will also address audience questions around intellectual property and entrepreneurship.

Lunch will be provided for the first 50 attendees!

Please register for the session and for HR128 credit through the UTHSC training calendar.

Last Published: May 10, 2017