Surplus Property Pickup

Surplus Property Pickup

The following steps should be taken to arrange pickup of surplus property for departments of the University of Tennessee Health Science Center:

S-1 Surplus Property Transaction Form

Fill out all applicable fields online as handwritten forms will not be accepted. Declaration of surplus and authorization for pick up is completed with the signature of the Department Head, Business Manager, or Designee in the space provided under Dept. Head/Business Mgr/Designee signature.

S-3 Surplus Equipment Decontamination Form

This form is utilized for the formal documentation per UT System Wide Policies & Procedures for equipment previously used in connection with biological, chemical, and/or radioactive materials etc. The form is to be submitted to Surplus along with the S-1 form with the item(s) referenced prior to pick-up by Logistics. Departments will send a copy of S-3 to Safety Office as well. Items that have not been cleaned and/or without formal decontamination documentation should not be released and/or picked up by Logistics personnel. Surplus will not accept items without formal decontamination documentation.

Facilities Logistics personnel will present a copy of the S-1 form(s) along with any applicable S-3 form(s) to the department upon arrival for pickup.

Department personnel verify that all items on the Surplus S-1 and/or S-3 forms were picked up by Facilities Logistics personnel and the forms are signed and dated.

Surplus takes care, custody and control of the surplus property upon receipt into Surplus; the form(s) are signed, scanned, and then sent electronically to the Department Head, Business Manager, Designee and/or Requestor that originally initiated the pickup of the surplus from the department. The department should retain the signed copy of the form in accordance with University Fiscal Policy.

Surplus forwards the scanned S-1 and/or S-3 form(s) to UTHSC Accounts Payable. They identify any equipment that is on inventory that can be deleted from inventory records, and then they complete the Form T-64 and attach a copy of the signed S-1 and/or S-3 form. All completed documentation is forwarded to Knoxville.

For specifics regarding the pickup and transfer of surplus directly from one department to another, contact Surplus utilizing the information below.

Surplus Property Location and Contact Information

Surplus Property
682 Court Avenue
Memphis, TN 38105                                                                          

Jim Randolph, Manager                                                                                    Phone: 901-448-2955

Mike Smith, Service Assistant                                                                  Phone: 901-448-2550                                                                                Fax: 901-448-2960                                                                                  Email:

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