Didactics and Scholarly Activity

Main Didactic

Fellows have regular didactics that include thorough study of standard textbooks of child and adolescent psychiatry (Lewis textbook and Dulcan textbook), psychopharmacology, consultation liaison, forensics, child development, ethics, cultural aspects of child and adolescent psychiatry, trauma, and journal club.

In Addition


  • have a longitudinal didactic in a group format discussing the tenets of individual therapy with children and adolescents.
  • have a longitudinal family therapy seminar.
  • are required to attend Department of Psychiatry grand rounds.
  • are required to attend Boling center didactics provided by developmental pediatrics.

Fellows take a lead role in discussing topics they have been assigned and serve as teachers and mentors to residents and medical students who also rotate with us.

They are required to pick a project of their interest for scholarly activity with their mentors and work on this gradually over 1-2 years.

Fellows are also part of quality control committees especially in their 2nd year.

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