"...pursuing an integrated program of education, research, clinical care, and public service."

Name and Expertise

Asao, Keiko, MD, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor--diabetes mellitus; obesity; taste; gustatory; nutrition; epidemiology; clinical studies; health services research.

Burns, Robert, MD, Professor--geriatric medicine, internal medicine, hospice and palliative care, dementia, health care systems, osteoarthritis.

Bursac, Zoran, PhD, MPH, Professor - Longitudinal data methods and repeated measures, missing data problems, mixed models, hyperbolastic and other non-linear growth models, statistical computing and simulation, graphics, survey methods, categorical data methods, logistic regression topics and variable selection algorithms.

Bush, Andrew J., PhD, Professor Emeritus, Resident Fellow of The Urban Child Institute--biostatistical and epidemiological clinical and observational research design and analysis with emphasis on predictive, mixed effect and structural equation modeling of early brain development; interests in computer intensive methods such as permutation, bootstrap and Monte Carlo inference; broad experience and skill in developing statistical computing applications.

Coday, Mathilda C. [Mace], PhD, Professor--clinical and health psychology; cognitive-behavioral interventions for physical activity & nutrition to manage weight in adults and children, smoking cessation and weight control; relation of health behaviors and psychosocial factors on health.

Connor, Pamela D., PhD, Professor--community health; primary care affective disorders; academic training grants; medical school admission criteria predictors, learning theory, palliative medicine, smoking and children.

Cushman, William C., MD, Professor, Preventive Medicine, Medicine, Physiology--clinical trials, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, lifestyle interventions and drug therapy, hypertension practice guidelines, Department of Veterans Affairs.

DeBon, Margaret, PhD, Professor--psychology; mental health; women's health; smoking cessation; behavior change intervention.

Derefinko, Karen J., PhD, MS, Assistant Professor -- understanding externalizing behaviors and conduct problems, including substance use, violence, and risky sexual practices in young adults and adolescents

Graetz, Ilana, PhD, Assistant Professor – information technology and organizational culture and their effects on clinical care, quality, and costs; and patient knowledge and behavior with respect to insurance access and benefit design

Graney, Marshall J., PhD, Professor Emeritus--epidemiology of aging; multiple regression analysis; gerontological caregiving.

Hare, Marion, MD, MS, Associate Professor--pediatric epidemiology.

Johnson, Karen C., MD, MPH, Endowed Professor in Women's Health, Professor and Interim Chair--preventive medicine; clinical trials; internal medicine; women's health, cardiovascular disease, smoking cessation, osteoporosis.

Kaplan, Cameron M. , PhD, Assistant Professor--how economic incentives can affect healthy behaviors and health status; geographic and ethic disparities in health outcomes, optimal insurance benefit design, the impact of health on education.

Kaplan, Erin K., PhD – Assistant Professor--applied microeconomics, labor economics, health outcomes, and environmental health

Klesges, Robert C., PhD, Professor--cancer prevention and control.

Kocak, Mehmet, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor--applied statistics, survival analysis, mixed effects models, clinical trials.

Krukowski, Rebecca A., PhD, Assistant Professor--Behavioral weight control interventions; technology-based interventions; built food environment; gestational weight gain; self-monitoring; public health.

Linde, Brittany, PhD, Instructor – military populations, well-being, physical activity, extracurricular activity, social support, aging

Little, Melissa A., PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, PhD, Instructor – military populations, well-being, physical activity, extracurricular activity, social support, aging

Martindale-Adams, Jennifer L., EdD, Assistant Professor--caregiving; Alzheimer’s and dementia; spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; military families; deployment and post deployment challenges; translation and implementation.

Matthews-Juarez, Patricia (Pat) , PhD, Professor--health disparities, community engagement, primary care education, transdisciplinary training, faculty development, cultural competency, medical education, and health promotion across the life span.

Mozhui, Khyobeni, MS, PhD, Assistant Professor--Systems genetics, quantitative genetics, microarrays, RNA sequencing, neuropsychiatric genetics, stress response, HPA-axis, addiction, alcohol abuse, amygdala.

Nichols, Linda O., PhD, Professor--caregiving; Alzheimer’s and dementia; spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; military families; deployment and post deployment challenges; translation and implementation.

Nouer, Simonne, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor--epidemiology; tropical medicine; spatial analysis of health-related data.

Richey, Phyllis A., PhD, Associate Professor--exercise physiology (specialization in pediatric and cardiovascular physiology); exercise physiology and community health intervention: pediatric obesity; hypertension-induced target organ damage.

Runyan, John W., Jr., MD, MACP, University Distinguished Professor Emeritus--internal medicine; community health; primary care.

Satterfield, Suzanne, MD, DrPH, Associate Professor--clinical trials, epidemiology; chronic disease epidemiology, aging, osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease.

Thomas, Fridtjof, PhD, Associate Professor--biostatistics; statistical methods in epidemiology and genetic-epidemiology; mixed-effects models; survival analysis, statistical design of clinical trials, change-point problems; reliability (accelerated testing and degradation); statistical quality control, bringing Bayesian thinking and methods into applications; aspects of causality in observational studies and non-randomized experiments.

Tolley, Elizabeth A., PhD, Professor--biostatistics; causal modeling of physiological and pathophysiological processes; Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS); sepsis and septic shock; quality of life.

Tran, Nhu Quynh, PhD, MS, Assistant Professor-–biostatistics, bioinformatics, analysis of microarray data.

Tylavsky, Frances A., DrPH, Associate Professor--nutrition and public health; effects of diet and body composition on bone mass across levels of the life cycle; assessment of body composition.

Wan, Jim Y., PhD, Professor--biostatistics; statistical methods for epidemiologic data; health services research.

Waters, Teresa M., PhD, Professor and Chair--health economics, health care financing, health policy analysis, cost analysis; financing health care for the poor and underserved, safety net providers, medical malpractice, outcomes research.

Yang, Zhao (Tony), PhD  - Assistant Professor of Biostatistics -  Statistical methods on the design and analyses of clinical trial, e.g. correlated data, longitudinal data analysis, survival analysis, multiple comparison, missing data, joint modeling. Categorical data analysis, agreement research, meta-analysis, causal inference, and high-dimensional data analysis. 

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