Clinical Trials

What are Clinical Trials?

Clinical trials are scientific studies in which new treatments – drugs, diagnostic procedures, therapies, or preventive measures – are tested in patients to determine if they are safe and effective. Clinical trials help scientists answer questions about treatments such as:

  • What disease should this treatment be used for?
  • What dosing will be the most effective?
  • What type of patient will benefit the most from this treatment?

Faculty in the division of clinical trials conduct clinical trials of behavioral, clinical and pharmacologic interventions, focusing primarily on:

  • healthy lifestyles (weight/obesity, exercise/nutrition, smoking cessation)
  • chronic diseases (chronic heart disease, hypertension, diabetes)
  • women’s health

Clinical Trial Facilities

Clinical trials are run through two locations in Memphis:

  • Medical Center (66 N. Pauline)
  • East Memphis (756 Ridge Lake Boulevard)

Our sites are staffed by research nurses, a nurse practitioner, technicians, and other support personnel, under the direct supervision of an administrative/clinical director and research director, each with more than twenty years of clinical trials experience. A coordinator is appointed for each study and tasked with maintaining a clinical database to track study subjects, assign visit-windows, track missed visits, compliance, and log all study related data. Our comprehensive database management system has proven invaluable for the success of our trials.

For more information on our clinical trial facilities, visit the following pages:

Medical Center Clinic (66 N. Pauline Street)
East Memphis Clinic (756 Ridge Lake Boulevard)
Recruitment Unit
Data and Quality Control Unit

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