Information for Faculty and Business Managers

Welcome to the Postdoc Office webpages for faculty and business managers. Postdoctoral research trainees are classified as special employees of the University with benefits. Other individuals, such as Research Associates or Clinical Fellows/Residents completing a period of research training may utilize some of the training principles and goals; however, their benefits and work conditions are different and are described on the Human Resources benefit page for Research Associates and on the Office of Graduate Medical Education web page.

Posting a position

Faculty who wish to post a postdoc position must contact the designated departmental business manager and provide an electronic copy of tags (key words that applicants can use in searching for a position), position description, a list of candidate qualifications and, if desired, a list of any targeted candidates along with his/her e-mail addresses.

The business manager will cut and paste this information into the Postdoctoral online application. Business managers must submit this form by e-mail to the Postdoc Office as the initial step in the hiring process, while continuing to enter IRIS information as required. The electronic posting request is sent to the Postdoc Office for rapid review and approval (usually within 24 hours). No new postdoc appointment will be completed without this first approval step.

After approval, information about the specific job description plus other information about standard postdoc benefits at UTHSC, is posted on the following websites: 1), 2) and 3) the UTHSC Human Resources employment page.

By virtue of initiating a postdoc job posting, the faculty mentor agrees to guidelines and policies set forth in the Compact and the Postdoc Handbook. By applying for the position, the candidate agrees to the same.

Postdoc positions are considered full-time employment; however, the Postdoctoral Office may authorize part-time employment in unusual circumstances.

Postings remain active for 60 days but if desired can be reopened or closed by contacting the Postdoc Office.

All information regarding job postings and job applicants is automatically captured and maintained in the UTHSC postdoc database in order to supply postdoc information required in various grant applications and for other University-authorized purposes.