Scientific Misconduct/Research Integrity

UTHSC Research Misconduct Policy and Procedures covers situations involving fabrication, falsification or plagiarism may be reviewed by going to the Clinical Practice Compliance Office website

More information for research integrity may be found at Office of Research Integrity, US Department Health and Human Services:

Online CITI training is required for all current postdoctoral research trainees. A certificate of completion is provided.

The primary mission of science is to produce ideas. Because this "product" is a virtual commodity and not a real one, scientific ideas may be vulnerable to cheating. Plagiarism, misrepresentation, purposeful selection of data to fit preconceptions, unbridled investigator bias – there are many ways to produce false science.

The UTHSC Postdoc Office sponsors online CITI training that is required for all current postdoctoral research trainees. Completion is required within 2 months of your start date. Postdocs should send a copy of certificate of completion to the PDO to be maintained in the postdoc’s file. Below are the instructions for completing RCR training:

Go to

Create an account, if you do not already have one, or login, if you have an account

Go to section "My Learner Tools for University of Tennessee Health Science Center – Memphis"

Click on the link "Add a Course or Update Learner Groups"

Scroll down to Question 4 and select "RCR for Post-docs"

This will bring up 6 required modules

  • Research Misconduct (RCR-Biomed) (ID: 1215)
  • Data Management (RCR-Biomed) (ID: 1308)
  • Authorship (RCR-Biomed) (ID: 1380)
  • Collaborative Research (RCR-Biomed) (ID: 1450)
  • Conflicts of Interest (RCR-Biomed) (ID: 1622)
  • Export Controls and National Security (RCR-Interdisciplinary) (ID: 14770)

An average score of 80% must be achieved on all 6 modules to receive a certificate.