The Postdoc Advisory Committee

A Postdoc Advisory Committee provides advice to the Postdoc Office. Its members include faculty, postdocs, business managers, the Director of International Affairs, and the Faculty Senate Research Committee Chair. Rotating committee members are appointed for three-year terms by the Director of the Postdoc Office in consultation with the past and current Committee members. The Committee meets monthly.

Advisory Committee (2015-2016)

Permanent Committee Members

Name Department
Monica M. Jablonski, PhD, FARVO
Associate Dean, Postdoc Office
Postdoc Office & Department of Ophthalmology
Jeddie Maxwell, BBA
Administrative Coordinator
Postdoc Office & College of Graduate Health Sciences
Connie L. Childs, MA
International Affairs
Radhakrishna Rao, PhD
Chair, Faculty Senate Research Com.
Donald B. Thomason, PhD
College of Graduate Health Sciences

Rotating Committee Members

Name Department
Ian Brooks, PhD Preventive Medicine
Anna Bukiya, PhD Pharmacology
Douglas Cook, BBA Anatomy & Neurobiology
Stephania Cormier, PhD Pediatrics
Max Fletcher, PhD Anatomy & Neurobiology
Jonathan Jaggar, PhD Physiology
Young In Kim Hoehamer, PhD Pediatrics
Korah Pushpamangalam Kuruvilla, PhD Pathology
Ronald Laribee, PhD Pathology
Vanessa Morales-Tirado, PhD Ophthalmology
Ajeeth Kumar Pingili, PhD Pharmacology
Tayebeh Pourmotabbed, PhD Micro Immuno & Bioch
Grady Russell, MSHRD Pharmacology
Christopher Waters, PhD Physiology