Special Programs

This page provides information and links to departmental events and resources such as seminars, confocal and deconvolution microscopy, safety resources, emergency response directions, and past and present community service programs.

Department of Physiology Seminars

Unless noted otherwise these seminars are held in the Nash Building, Room 516, Thursdays, 3:30PM-4:30PM.

Confocal Microscopy

  1. Resource- Zeiss Axiophot 200 LSM Pascal with Physiology and FRET software packages. This instrument is equipped with a He/Ne Laser and an Ar Laser. These two lasers provide for excitations at 458nm, 488nm, 514nm, and 543nm.
  2. Location- Room 315 Nash
  3. User calendar (requires Google account) for scheduling use. If you do not find the Zeiss LSM Pascal calendar on your calendar for scheduling usage time, you have not completed the required training or do not have a login on the Physiology Google Teams system. Please contact either Don Thomason or Larry Tague to schedule training and inclusion into this calendar system.

Departmental Safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan

Your laboratory CHP must be maintained annually, and approved by our departmental safety officer (Larry Tague - 448-7152).

Important Forms

When updating your Chemical Hygiene Plan, please attach your completed copy of the Laboratory Safety Survey to the back of your CHP. If our departmental safety officer has any questions about specific items on this form relative to your laboratory, you will be contacted for an explanation. This form is used for surveying laboratory safety by our institutional Office of Research Compliance. Keeping this information up-to-date will help prepare your laboratories for institutional inspections.

Request for Hazardous Chemical Pickup form. Complete this form online by clicking after each of the ":" in this document, or print the document and complete it by hand. Either way the document must be printed and signed.

MSDS Sheets are stored in the hallway of suite 426 Nash. The file cabinet to your right upon entering this room is clearly labelled "MSDS SHEETS".

A source for multiple sites which have online MSDS Sheets is located at Resources for MSDS site, and this is linked from the National Library of MSDS sheets. (Note: a quick Google search for a specific reagent... i.e., "Sodium Chloride msds", will also connect you to the desired information very quickly)

Research Compliance

Many standard operating procedures are available at this location, along with downloadable information such as BL2 signs, a standard operating procedure template, glove posters, needle safety posters, Hazardous Waste labels, etc.

Service to the Community

The Department of Physiology provides International and community service. We provide programs and mentors for a variety of training designed to furnish science enrichment for highly qualified students from High School through Undergraduate School. We have provided web-based site management, featuring a variety of computer mediated communication tools, for scientist involved in the study of thermophysiology throughout the world. Our department was one of the first Physiology Departments to develop a set of WCT (web course tools) to facilitate the instruction of Human Physiology. The following are some of our past and present endeavors.

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