Welcome Letter

We look forward to the beginning of each year and the opportunity to meet the incoming students. Each of you are invited and welcomed to become a member of the Phi Chi Medical Fraternity.

Since medical school is still very new, we realize many of you have questions about Phi Chi. Although it is called a fraternity, our organization does not resemble the familiar undergraduate fraternities at all. Our rush is open to everyone, men and women. Anyone and everyone is welcomed to join. There is no screening of the membership, except that you must be a medical student. We do not have required attendance to any events nor are any fines ever levied. We hope that everyone who joins will be an active member but no time requirements are ever made. Our biweekly Wednesday night dinners are the most frequent gatherings. Attendance is completely optional according to everyone’s busy schedule.

Phi Chi might be better thought of as a social organization for medical students and not an undergraduate fraternity. Our purpose is multifaceted. The house is open to all members whenever they would like to come. It’s an excellent place to study. We have a large library with a number of textbooks available. We recently purchased smaller tables so that members can study in the bottom floor if they wish. The patio has recently been renovated with the hopes of making it a comfortable place to study as well. Our large, industrial kitchen is always open and we especially encourage Phi Chi members come over during the weekdays between morning and afternoon classes. Our big screen TV is a good place for classmates to meet to watch movies or TV programs. We throw a number of large parties throughout the year. Two years ago we began hosting wine tasting nights. Ultimately, we seek to enhance all members’ medical school experiences, both academically and socially, by providing a place for interested medical students to come together with like-minded classmates.

If you would like to join, initiation will be held in October. The dues are a one time fee of $200 and will be collected on the night of initiation. There is no planned make-up initiation scheduled. Individual portrait photographs will also be taken by a professional photographer for the yearly composite. There are no other fees after the initiation dues are paid. Wednesday night dinners, parties, access to the house, and all other activities are free for members for the entire duration of medical school. $125 of the initiation dues are submitted to the national Phi Chi Organization and the remaining $75 is used by us, the local chapter, to cover the cost of all activities and services for the members for the entire time that they are in medical school.

If you have any questions about Phi Chi, please feel free to contact any officers, the rush chair, or any Phi Chi members. We’ll do anything we can to answer any questions you might have.

Alex Manole, President 2015 - 2016

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