Resident Student Responsibilities

It is always great to see everyone making use of the common areas throughout the house and taking advantage of the unique opportunities the house affords us. Along with this opportunity comes the responsibility as good stewards to take care of the common areas. As a house, if we are to continue to maintain our current low rent while providing an ever-improving quality of housing, we must all take care of the investments made in the house.

Please be mindful of the living room and make sure it is a presentable area for everyone. We often have guests visiting the house and we need to keep this area especially clean. It is certainly fine to move the furniture around, but be sure to return it to its proper place. It goes without saying that if you leave the living room, turn off the tv. The television, audio equipment, and sofas have all been capital purchases that were made within the last few years through senior gifts and savings. If these items are damaged, we will be hard-pressed as a house to replace them.

This also pertains to the kitchen as well. Please clean up after yourself in the kitchen and pantry so that others don't have to do it for you. If it is your week to clean the kitchen, thank you.


This section contains information pertaining to rent for all Phi Chi members who are permanent residents at the house. Please check these figures with your lease agreement amounts when you receive them, and notify the treasurer of any discrepancy. Also, keep in mind that house officers get significant rent discounts, and we encourage all qualified members to consider serving in a position. See the Officers page for more information.

Students will be billed for 6 months occupancy each semester (bills due in August and January after financial aid is disbursed) with a lease agreement period corresponding to a full 12 academic calendar months, July 1st through June 30th of the following year.

All rent amounts include internet and utilities as well as a fee for our contracted cleaning service. The cleaning service cleans the common areas, the kitchen to some extent, the common areas to some extent, and the common bathrooms and showers. They do not clean individual bathrooms on the first floor. It is the responsibility of all residents to maintain clean common areas that can be easily vacuumed, mopped, or dusted by the cleaning service. Please see the lease agreement below to see a full list of resident responsibilities and expectations.

Rental rates are:

  • The rent in rooms 8-18, 20-21 and 26-27 is $295 per month
  • The rent in rooms 19, 22, 25, and 28 are $195 per month
  • The rent in rooms 1-6 (which include a private bathroom),
    and 23/24 is $350 per month

*Rates subject to change per academic year


Room reservation deposits will be $400 for new Phi Chi residents. For incoming first year and prior non-Phi Chi members, the deposit will be applied towards their one-time Phi Chi National Fraternity membership fee. For prior Phi Chi members moving into the house for the first time, their room reservation deposit will be deducted from their first rent bill. Incoming first year students should be aware that their individual deposits will be applied towards their required $200 Phi Chi Fraternity membership dues paid by all other non-resident members during the initiation ceremony held in the fall.


All permanent Phi Chi residents who will have their room unoccupied for significant periods of time (outside rotations, etc...) are encouraged to sublet their room out to other visiting students and Phi Chi members doing rotations in Memphis. This benefits the Phi Chi resident by essentially having their full rent refunded for those months, and it benefits the visiting students whom we sometimes have to turn away due to full occupancy.

Residents may specify their own preference for sub-lessees or let the House Managers find students to lease the room. All lessees must be either students at the UT College of Medicine or visiting medical students doing rotations in Memphis. Any other potential sub-lessees must be approved by the President of Phi Chi. Also, residents subletting their room must not be living at the house for an extended period of time while subletting their room.

Once a resident subletting a room signs the subletting agreement specifying a period of time, they are entitled to a refund of their full rent paid during the months if their room is actively occupied and Phi Chi has collected visiting student rent. All sub-lessee rent is billed and collected by the House Managers of Phi Chi and not by the resident subletting the room. The difference between the rent collected by visiting students and the full refund amount given to the permanent resident is income for the Phi Chi house collected as a service fee. This service fee contributes directly to the Phi Chi House improvement budget. This is why it is a priority for Phi Chi House Officers to fill empty rooms with visiting students first, and then fill all available subletting rooms with visiting students. It therefore behooves residents to find their own sub-lessees and secure occupancy in their rooms during those months. When advertising to potential sub-lessees, let them know that those who are Phi Chi members pay the flat monthly rent ($350) during their subletting period. Non-Phi Chi UT Memphis students and other visiting students pay $450 a month for any room.

For a full copy of the Subletting Contract, see below.


Phi Chi Housing Application-ContractLink to Acrobat file

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