Officers & Positions

Current Officers

Hannah Lin

Vice President
Kwame Nuako

Alex Houck

Nidhi Desai

House Managers
Victor Hong & William Chong

Rush Chairs
Ashwini Joshi & Anna Walsh

Social Chair
Sienna Nelson

Community Service Chairs
Jordan Ross

MSEC Representative
Leo Kokorev

Alumni Representatives
Alex Manole & Prashant Mishra

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Officer Positions


The President oversees interactions between the House and Fraternity organization. The President compiles a detailed annual budget, gives mid-year and end-of-year reports to the Alumni President and Treasurer. The President has access to the full assets of the Alpha Beta Chapter, but co-signature of the Alumni President and Treasurer is required to go outside approved budget or emergency funds. The President works closely with all other officers to coordinate all events and is ultimately responsible for all aspects of the Fraternity and House.

The President receives a 75% rent discount. The President position is only available to a resident of the house.


The Vice President's primary responsibility is to the Fraternity. The Vice-President will take the lead in coordinating social, service, rush, and national activities throughout the year. The Vice-President works with the House Managers to generate the lease agreements bi-annually and is responsible for the annual wine-tasting event, UT football game parties, and the Superbowl party. The Vice-President works with the Secretary to design and distribute Phi Chi T-Shirts annually, works with the House Managers to enact risk management strategies for all social events, and is directly responsible to the Active Chapter President.

The Vice President receives a 30% rent discount. The Vice President position is only available to a resident of the house.


The Treasurer is responsible for working with the President to develop a budget and bi-annual financial reports. The Treasurer keeps track of actual expenses in each budget category and organizing financial statements for bi-annual internal audits. The Treasurer is responsible for collecting rent and dues while ensuring that all fraternity bills are accurate and paid on time.

The Treasurer receives a 50% rent discount. The Treasurer position is only available to a resident of the house.

House Managers

There are two House Manager positions. The House Managers work with the President to develop physical house portions of the annual budget including plans for house improvements. The House Managers are responsible for delegating work to house residents and ensuring the house is well maintained. They are also responsible for organizing work for major house projects, for hiring, overseeing, and if needed, terminating house employees. They coordinate all subleasing and visiting student rental agreements and placement. They are responsible for ensuring the house is supplied with consumables. They approve all house usage for outside activities and work with the Vice President to address risk management strategies for large parties.

The House Managers receive a 50% rent discount. The House Manager position is only available to a resident of the house.

Alumni Representatives

There are two Alumni Representative positions. The Alumni Representatives communicate and coordinate with the Active Chapter President and alumni leadership to arrange details of annual Founder's Day alumni meeting and alumni elections. They are also primarily involved in alumni outreach and communication.

The Alumni Respresentative positions are available to all Phi Chi members.

Social Chairs

There are two social chair positions. The Social Chairs work with the Vice President and House Managers to plan and execute all social activities of the Fraternity including dinners, parties, etc. The Social Chairs submit a proposed calendar to the President before the academic year begins and approve all expenses through the Treasurer.

The Social Chair positions are available to all Phi Chi members.

Service Chairs

There are two Service Chair positions. The Service Chairs coordinate with the President and Vice-President to oversee all service activities of the Fraternity. The Service Chairs are responsible for creating a calendar for service events and coordinating with the President and Treasurer to approve all expenses.

The Service Chair positions are available to all Phi Chi members.


The Secretary is responsible for maintaining historical records for the House and Fraternity. The Secretary compiles the House phone and contact list, the full Phi Chi Membership list, coordinates with the President to get new initiate photos, and orders the annual full Phi Chi composite. The Secretary works with the Web Page Administrator to maintain the Alpha Beta Phi Chi website and keep it updated with photos and information.

The Secretary receives a 10% rent discount. The Secretary position is only available to a resident of the house.

MSEC Representative

The Medical Student Executive Counsel (MSEC) Phi Chi Respresentative serves as an official member of MSEC to represent the interests of the House and Fraternity in student government.

The Phi Chi MSEC position is available for any M3 or M4 Phi Chi member.

Rush Chair

The Rush Chair is an M2 student who works with the Vice-President to reach out to incoming M1 students and inform them about the benefits of Phi Chi membership. The Rush Chair coordinates all activities involving new membership culminating with the initiation ceremony in October. The Rush Chair works with the President to confirm and approve the rush calendar and funding before the academic year begins.

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