House History

The New Baldaur Mansion was built in 1970 to serve as home to the Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Chi Medical Fraternity in Memphis, Tennessee. Many of the treasured fixtures from the original Baldaur mansion were transferred to the new home in 1970. The house would not have been possible without the generous support of our Alumni who are recognized in plaques throughout the house.

Lavish Ancestry Of Medical Fraternity's House Elegantly Preserved As New Showcase Added


Since then, the house has served as home to thousands of medical students enrolled at the University of Tennessee and visiting students from across not only the country but around the world. It is a co-educational fraternity house where anyone in good standing as a medical student may have the opportunity to live when openings are available. Also, all medical students are eligible to join the National Fraternity through the Memphis Alpha Beta Chapter and have full access to all the amenities the house has to offer.

The house exterior is maintained by the University of Tennessee while all renovations and interior work is organized and executed completely independently through the Phi Chi student leadership. Every year marks another opportunity for students to improve the quality of the living space, and the students living in the house have undertaken some incredible projects to improve the place they know as home.


Visiting and potential students as well as all alumni are certainly always welcome to tour the house. Our valued Phi Chi Alumni are especially welcome to all social events.