Faculty Research Interests

Clinical Pharmacy

P. David Rogers, PharmD, PhD

First Tennessee Professor & Associate Dean for Translational Research

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Research Interests: Molecular mechanisms of azole antifungal resistance, immunomodulatory properties of antiinfectives, functional genomics of the host immune response to pathogenic organisms, the use of gene expression profiling for antifungal drug development, and the application of pharmacogenomcis in antiinfective pharmacotherapy.

Junling Wang, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor

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Research Interests: Health Outcomes Research, Health Services Research, Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Health Care Quality, Health Disparities, Access to Health Services.

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Bernd Meibohm, PhD

Professor & Associate Dean for Graduate Programs and Research

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Research Interests: Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of drugs used in infectious/ inflammatory pulmonary diseases and pediatric pharmacotherapy, and the application of quantitative modeling and simulation techniques in preclinical and clinical drug development, with specific focus on biotech drugs.

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Bob M. Moore II, PhD

Associate Professor

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Research Interests: Integration of synthetic organic chemistry, computational chemistry and biological assays aimed at developing new chemotherapeutic entities. The current areas of research include cannabinoid receptor (CB1 and CB2) agonist and antagonist, novel therapies for combat causality care with emphasis on hemorrhagic shock and hemostasis, GPRC directed anti-neoplastic agents, and combination drug therapies for the treatment of sepsis, stroke and ischemic brain conditions.

Wei Li, PhD

Associate Professor

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Research Interests: Discovery of novel therapeutic agent for melanoma and application of NMR spectroscopy in drug discovery studies

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