User Policies

NMR Policy

  1. Only authorized users can have the key and access to the NMR instrument. Authorized users are defined as trained by Dr. Jianjun Chen, demonstrated capability to work on an instrument and obtained a key from campus police.
  2. NO food and drinks in the NMR lab.
  3. NO gloves on the keyboards.
  4. NO sample preparation in the NMR room.
  5. NO loose metal objects in the NMR room.
  6. Users must sign in the timetable to reserve his/her time during his usage, and write in the logbook after each use. Using the instrument without signing timetable and writing log may result forfeiting his/her access to the NMR room.
  7. If one signs up for a time and later find that one does not need it, one must clear his/her sign up.
  8. While the department will pay for normal repair and maintenance, your supervisor will be responsible for any charge of repair due to your fault. Remember, in NMR, it is very expensive even with the smallest repair.
  9. If you work on the 500 NMR with a non-regular probe (nano probe or flow probe). You must block all the time until the regular solution probe is exchanged. You must also put a sign on the keyboard warning users of the special probe. Failure to do so may result severe damage to the probe and magnet by other users, and this will immediately disqualify you working on the special probe.
  10. If you notice any abnormal symptoms of the instruments, do not use it and inform Dr. Jianjun Chen/Dr. Wei Li immediately.

LCMS Policy

  1. You must be trained by Dr. Jianjun Chen in order to use the LC/MS. No one is allowed to use other people’'s account unless authorized by Dr. Jianjun Chen.
  2. You must reserve your time of usage and record your usage in the log book. If you just use one function (i.e. HPLC or MS), write HPLC only or MS only, so that others can use the other function. When recording your usage, write down the background ions, the solvent you use, and the ions of your compound and problems (if any) of the instrument.
  3. Before you use it, check the logbook to see if the instrument is ok. If you find anything abnormal, DO NOT USE the instrument and report to Dr. Jianjun Chen immediately.
  4. NO food and drinks in the LCMS lab.
  5. NO gloves on the keyboards.
  6. If one signs up for time and later finds that one does not need it, one must clear his/her sign up.

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