Instrument COP users and NIH major users External users (Other departments in UTHSC) Industry users
Waters Xevo G2-S QTOF with waters Acquity UPLC   $10/hour   $30/hour   $80 per sample
AB Sciex API-3000 With Shimatzu 10Avp HPLC   $10/hour   $30/hour   $80 per sample
AB Sciex API-4500 With Shimadzu Nexera X2 UPLC   $20/hour   $60/hour   $80 per sample
Bruker Equire LC with Agilent 1100 HPLC   No charge   $20/hour   $25 per sample
Varian Inova 500   $10/hour *   $30/hour   $50 per sample
Bruker Avance III 400   $10/hour *   $30/hour   $50 per sample
Gilson preparative HPLC   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Perkin-Elmer FT IR   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Varian Cary 1E UV   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Rudolph Aotopol V Polarimeter   No charge   No charge   $50 per sample
Scintillation Counter  $10/hour  $30/hour  $60/hour

*For Varian Inova 500 and Bruker Avance III 400: ($6/hr during 5PM-8AM and weekends)

COP users are defined as users for which usage charges are charged to a COP account.

NIH major users are NIH S10 application major users outside COP

Purpose of the policy: This policy is aimed at ensuring the operation and functionally of the shared instrumentation resources within the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy.  It limits access to specific levels of trained users and establishes user fees for long-term financial stability in the basic operation and maintenance of the equipment.

User access:

Access to the 400 MHz NMR, 500 MHz NMR, API 3000 Triple Quad LCMS and Esquire Ion Trap LCMS is provided to general users with COP or UTHSC affiliation after appropriate training has been received and a user account has been established.

Access to the Xevo G2-S QTOF LCMS and AB 4500 Triple Quad LCMS is provided only to expert users with multiple years or proven experience in mass spectrometry and prior approval.

Specifics for each instrument are regulated by instrument specific policies. Please see for details.

Mass spectrometry specialist assisted operation:

For the Xevo G2-S QTOF LCMS and AB 4500 Triple Quad LCMS, mass spectrometry specialist assisted operation can be requested at a fee of $ 35/hour for COP users and $ 90/hour for other UTHSC users. Availability is schedule-dependent.

Fee Charges:

Monthly charges are tracked by the COP shared instrumentation manager and are provided to the business manager of the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences. COP and other UTHSC users have to provide an account to the COP shared instrumentation manager prior to initiation of any work.

For users without current funding, the user fees need to be covered by the responsible department and usage requires prior approval by the department chair.


Preference for instrument usage is given to COP and NIH major users, followed by other UTHSC users and outside users.