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Newly Admitted Students

Welcome to the University of Tennessee Health Science Center College of Pharmacy! We are excited about your future enrollment in our outstanding college, and we look forward to welcoming you in person. There are several important tasks that must be completed before you begin your journey at UTHSC College of Pharmacy.  We have attached a checklist as a guide to ensuring all requirements are met before their applicable due dates. The links contained in this document should help you navigate the various UTHSC webpages you will be required to visit.  All students with questions pertaining to their accounts, including those regarding holds, are asked to consult with the One Stop Shop. Below this chart are other helpful links for the UTHSC campus and the College of Pharmacy.

One Stop Shop
910 Madison Ave, Suite 105
Memphis, TN 38163
(901) 448-7703
(901) 448-7700


Admissions Checklist
(printable checklist)
College and University-Level Requirements Action To Be Taken
UTHSC Net ID, Email, & ED Within 2 weeks following your acceptance, the Office of Admissions will email you an assigned Net ID.
Enrollment Deposit for Early Decision Candidates Deposit is waived.
Enrollment Deposit for Regular Decision Candidates

$500, either paid in full or as two installments indicated below based on the date of the admissions offer.

Individuals admitted prior to March 1, 2018: 
$200 due within 2 weeks of the admissions offer
Additional $300 due by March 8, 2018

Individuals admitted after March 1, 2018:
$500 as a single payment due within 2 weeks of the admissions offer

College of Pharmacy Scholarshp Application Shortly after receiving your Net ID, you will receive an email with instructions for completing the College of Pharmacy Scholarship Application. Please complete as soon as possible as awards for incoming students are made on a first come base. Please also complete the FAFSA as soon as possible to be considered for any need based College of Pharmacy Scholarship.
If you want to apply for student loans or other scholarship funds, go to the Financial Aid Office's How and when to apply for financial aid page. Complete the FAFSA application. 
School code: 006725
The Financial Aid Office will send you an email notification. FAFSA opens October 1st. We encourage you to apply early. Notification of Federal Financial Aid will begin in January for students who complete FAFSA in fall.
Student Health Insurance All students are required to have adequate health care insurance. Go to Student Life for more information.
Submit either the Student Healthcare Application or Waiver Form.
Note- this form will not be accessible until after May 1st.

All UTHSC students must demonstrate their immunizations are current. Go to University Health for a complete list of required vaccinations for UTHSC students.  We advise you to begin your Hepatitis B series as soon as possible if you have not already done so.  Additionally, the TB skin test should be performed during the summer months prior to matriculation.

All incoming students will receive emailed instructions for submitting their immunization records.  DO NOT submit your records until you receive notice from the Office of Student Affairs.

Deadline: All incoming students must have submitted all required documentation by June 1.

Read all information carefully, as exceptions apply. Anyone with a positive TB skin test must take action early to ensure completion of requirements before enrollment. Please keep a copy of all immunizations for your own records.

** Note for those who may request waiver of one of more required immunizations:
Please be advised that there are/will be clinical sites that will NOT accept you as a student if you have waived any immunizations, regardless of reason for the waiver.  Waiving immunizations may likely limit the choices you have for IPPE and APPE placement.

Criminal Background Check All UTHSC students must successfully complete a Criminal Background Check.
All background checks must be ordered through Verified Credentials using code VWWXF-88939.
Deadline: All incoming students must have submitted this form by June 1
Prerequisite Course Requirements Ensure you have completed all prerequisite coursework. Visit College of Pharmacy- Future Students - Prerequisite Coursework for a complete list of requirements.
All incoming students should complete course requirements by the end of the spring semester.
Student Parking and Photo IDs All students are required to have ID badges, which may be obtained at the Campus Police Office. If you would like a campus parking permit, download the Parking Services Student Parking Application.
Submit All Official Transcripts All students must submit all required admissions materials by June 30th. Submit official transcripts to the following office:
UTHSC Office of Admissions
910 Madison Avenue, Suite 520
Memphis, TN 38163
Medical Terminology Students must successfully pass a quiz covering medical terminology on the first day of orientation. To prepare for this quiz, incoming students should complete the FREE online Medical Terminology Course. You will not need the certificate therefore there is no charge for using this website.
We recommend you complete this no more than one month prior to orientation.
Release the Hold From Your Account The College of Pharmacy participates in block registration. The College of Pharmacy Office of Student Affairs will register you for all classes in late summer.
Once all admissions requirements have been satisfied please check your Banner account to ensure removal of all account holds and that you are prepared for block registration.
This is of critical importance, as students will not be registered for class until they ensure all holds have been released from their accounts. All holds must be removed by August 1.
Tuition & Fees UTHSC's tuition & fees are finalized in mid-June. You may access the Bursar's Office for more information on registration and fee payment directions.
College tuition and fee details may be found at Charges/Fees (Colleges)
Ensure Device Compliance Students are required to have an electronic device for use in the classroom and for testing. You will receive more information via email detailing which devices are compliant with testing software/security requirements in the months prior to matriculation.
Please do not purchase any device until we provide you information on the recommended compatible devices.
Complete Orientation Modules The Health Science Center requires new students to complete of a few online orientation modules before you arrive for orientation. We will forward information on this to your UTHSC email address in July prior to orientation. You must complete all modules by July 15th.
New Student Orientation Email Expect an email to arrive in your UTHSC email the week before orientation. This will contain important information regarding orientation week activities. Students are required to attend 

Helpful Links

Last Published: Jun 21, 2018