Memphis Campus

The largest medical university in the southeastern United States, the UT Health Science Center (UTHSC) offers the best in instructional facilities and an exceptional faculty of nationally recognized teachers, clinicians and research scientists. Our 55-acre campus is strategically located in the center of one of the nation's finest regional medical centers and includes a top children's research hospital, a Level I trauma center, a major Veterans Administration facility, and dozens of outstanding private hospitals and specialty clinics.

Just minutes from downtown, UTHSC is also at the heart of a thriving city which offers a rich variety of intellectual, cultural and recreational opportunities for its 1,000,000+ area residents.

The UT College of Pharmacy provides tremendous learning, research, and clinical experiences for its students and staff through close working relationships with many health care institutions in the Mid-South. To provide real-life opportunities for clinical and advanced professional training, we integrate our teaching, research, and service programs with those of sister colleges, hospitals and health facilities throughout the state, and our campus in Knoxville and Clinical Education Center in Nashville expand these opportunities for students state-wide and offer additional continuing education for practitioners.

Pharmacy Technology Teaching Lab

The Pharmacy Technology Teaching Laboratory is used for the training of pharmacy students in the techniques and procedures used to compound sterile and non-sterile preparations for patient care. The laboratory supports two required courses, one each in sterile and non-sterile compounding, and two elective courses in non-sterile compounding. The hands-on laboratory experiences students receive reinforce topics covered during lectures and allows students to develop skills used as a pharmacist. The lab contains both vertical and laminar airflow workstations for sterile compounding and equipment such as glassware, hot plates, molds, capsule filling machines, ointment mills, powder mixers and a computerized labeling system for non-sterile compounding.

Nuclear Pharmacy Teaching Lab

The Nuclear Pharmacy Teaching Laboratory contains equipment found in a nuclear pharmacy, such as single channel analyzers, radionuclide (dose) calibrators, a multi-channel analyzer, a computer, survey meters, and a biological safety cabinet. This space is used in all three nuclear pharmacy elective courses to reinforce the topics covered in the lecture series. The students practice aseptic technique in the preparation of radiopharmaceuticals while incorporating radiation safety practices. This area also is used to teach quality control procedures and proper radiation safety procedures for shipping and receiving of radiopharmaceuticals. The laboratory is not an operational nuclear pharmacy, but it does allow the students to develop their skills they will use as a nuclear pharmacist.


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