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What is the process to be admitted to the UT College of Pharmacy?


There are four paths to admission to the UT Doctor of Pharmacy program. Please see our page on Admission Options.

When should I apply and what is the application deadline?

  • Traditional Admission: apply in the fall, approximately one year prior to your desired enrollment in the program.
  • Early Decision: apply in the summer, approximately one year prior to your desired enrollment in the program.
  • Direct Admission: apply to the College of Pharmacy as a college freshman to take advantage of an early admissions offer. Students qualifying for and admitted through this pathway must maintain certain program requirements while completing prerequisite coursework. Please visit our Admissions Options page for more details.
  • Deadines for each admission pathway may be found on our Admissions Options page.

Is a supplemental application required?


Only students who are admitted are asked to complete a supplemental application.

What are the required prerequisites and which college or university should I attend for pre-pharmacy coursework?

  • Please refer to the Prerequisite Coursework section of the webpage
  • We recommend any accredited, strong 4-year institution for you to be most competitive. We accept courses from community colleges (junior colleges), although most community college students have not performed as well historically on the PCAT, thus reducing their chances for admission.

Do I need to complete my baccalaureate degree before applying?


A degree is not required. You may apply when you have completed the majority of your pre-pharmacy courses. Approximately 75% of our current students have a BS degree.

When is the best time to take the PCAT?


We recommend taking the PCAT in the summer or fall one year prior to your desired enrollment. This allows sufficient time to repeat the exam if you believe you can improve your score.

Where can I find information about the PCAT?


Email, phone, or get PCAT information on the web at the following addresses:

PCAT Customer Relations



Where do I send my PCAT scores?


All PCAT scores should be submitted directly to PharmCAS. Their PCAT code is 104. Please do not send PCAT scores directly to the University of Tennessee College of Pharmacy.

What is the minimum PCAT score?


The UT College of Pharmacy no longer mandates minimum composite or section scores. The national average PCAT composite score is the 50th percentile, and the average PCAT composite score for students admitted to UT is typically the 70th percentile. If you take the PCAT and are not satisfied with your results, we strongly recommend that you retake the exam and improve your results to make you more competitive. Taking the PCAT early in the cycle is advised, leaving you subsequent opportunities to retake and improve your score. We do not recommend taking the PCAT for the first time in January, since it is the last date the exam is administered on an admissions cycle, and applicant will not have the opportunity to retake it if they are not satisfied with their results. The January PCAT date should be reserved only for retake.

How many classes are admitted each year and how many students are in the entering class?

  • The UT College of Pharmacy admits one class each year, enrolling in the Fall semester.
  • We have expanded enrollment to 175-200 students.

Does the College accept out-of-state students (non-Tennessee residents)?


Yes, a typical entering class will include 30% non-Tennesseans.

Who should I contact to verify that my application file is complete?


PharmCAS application status can be checked online by logging into the PharmCAS web application.

When can I expect to be interviewed?

  • Traditional Admission: interviews begin in November and are by invitation only. We advise that you submit the PharmCAS application as soon as possible so that you may be interviewed early in our admission cycle. The admissions committee screens applicants and interviews students based on academic records and PCAT scores. Any applicant who has a low score on the PCAT may not be invited for an interview.
  • Early Decision: interviews take place in late September or early October.
  • Direct Admission: there are two interviews in this process, the first for admission to the Direct Admission pathway and a subsequent interview the year prior to entering the PharmD program.

When can I expect a final decision on the status of my application?


 The UT College of Pharmacy admissions committee operates on a rolling admission process; Traditional Admission begins in November and ends in April. Early Decision is conducted in September and/or October.

What does it mean if I am placed on the alternate list?


The alternate list is developed after the Admissions Committee has selected all candidates for the upcoming academic year. The list is composed of 20-25 of the best-qualified, remaining candidates. If one or more of the accepted students decline acceptance or defers admission, that position would be filled from the alternate list. The alternate list is NOT ranked due to new PCAT scores and/or spring grades becoming available. Candidates on the alternate list should know their status by June prior to admission.

What does it mean if I defer admissions?


Students are allowed to defer admission for one year for any reason. Reasons usually include the student's desire to complete a degree, the need to finish requirements, or personal issues that may arise. Students who choose to defer admission are guaranteed acceptance for the next academic year and do NOT have to reapply or re-interview.

Tell me about the UT College of Pharmacy's campus in Knoxville.


The UT Board of Trustees approved the College's expansion plan to increase enrollment in Fall 2006. This plan includes the expansion of our operations in Knoxville, which allows 75 students per class to complete their final 3 years of the PharmD program there. The new 15,000 square foot facility is located on the campus of the UT Medical Center on Alcoa Highway.

For more information about Knoxville, please visit UTK's About Knoxville page.  external link icon

 Tell me about the UT College of Pharmacy's campus in Nashville.


The Accreditation Council of Pharmacy Education approved the UTHSC College of Pharmacy’s expansion to Nashville in 2015, which allows 40-50 students per class to complete their final 3 years of the PharmD program there.  The College now has three footprints across the state, adding to locations already in Memphis and Knoxville, allowing students a geographical preference of where they want to live.  

How do you decide which students complete their didactic coursework in Memphis versus Nashville or Knoxville?


 A student's campus preference is based on the order of admission of the student (students accepted earliest will receive their choice of campus). Campus preference of the applicant is not a criterion for admission and will not be used in selecting candidates for admission.

You are eligible to receive your campus of choice for the following reasons, but must provide the required documentation:

  • You are the parent of a child under the age of 18.
  • You have a chronic illness that requires unique physician care in a specific geographic area.
  • You are the direct caregiver for a family member with a chronic illness.
  • You are the owner of local residential property and/or house prior to notification of admission.
  • You are enrolled in the dual degree Pharm.D./Ph.D. program on the Memphis campus.
  • You are currently married and were married before the first day of class of the P1 year.

    Students who do not receive their preferred campus may request to be placed on an alternate list if a position becomes available.


Who should I contact to ask further questions or receive more information?


You may reach an admissions office coordinator by emailing