Thanks to our Investors

We would like to thank our generous Alumni and Friends who chose to invest financially in the future of Pharmacy here at UT. Choosing to invest in the UT College of Pharmacy supports our reputation of excellence today - and the future.

We are extremely grateful for your investment!

This list reflects gifts received July 1, 2011 thru June 30, 2012. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy. Please contact Nell Blair, Director of Development with any questions or comments

$1 Million +

Plough Foundation

$25,000 - $50,000

Herb Kosten Pancreatic Cancer Charitable Foundation

Tim and Diane Tucker

Doug and Karen Duncan

Chattanooga Area Pharmacists Society

$10,000 - $24,999

David and Martha Shepard

Pharmacy Plus Programs

Society of Infectious Disease PHA

Walgreens, Inc.

$5,000 - $9,999

Sandra Haverstick Fancher and Don Fancher

Christ United Methodit Church

Fred's Incorporated

Stephen and Laura Lepley

George and Rachel Perry

Billy Joe and Donna Regel

Van and Shirley Swaim

$1,000 - 4,999

Jim and Ann Eoff

Todd Oldham

Leslie Kay Shepard

UT Pharmacy Class of 2011

Danny and Linda Hall

Randy and Elissa Williams

Vicky A. Shelton

John and Molly Adams

James and Ann Jones

Carlton N. Sedberry, III

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Eli Lilly and Company Foundation

Todd and Jana Bess

Paul and Dudley Bostic

Jason and Rebecca Carter

Jana L. Fuqua

Dick and Greta Gourley

Michael and Ann Swaim

The Procter & Gamble Fund

Michio Kurosu

Stephanie J. Phelps

Betty Kirksey

Christopher C. Balton

Linda Highers

Philip Earl Johnston and Mollie Lou Spain

Max D. Ray

James and Phyllis Taylor

Jeffrey and Saundra White

Catherine M. Crill and Clarence G. Herrington, III

Glen and Kathy Farr

Rodney Dewayne and Brandi Franklin

Richard and Susan Helms

Tameka and Leonard Lucas

Tony and Tracie Powers

Ray and Jane Marcrom

Dianne and R.J. Duncan

Tara and John Moore

Elizabeth L. Stima and Frank O'Brien

Brad and Barbara Boucher

Leonard and Dorothy Compton

Steven C. Laizure

Floyd and Joann Crain

Ellen Campbell

Roger and Beverly Herndon

Kerry and Elizabeth Regen

Edna C. Walker

Michael and Robbin Christensen

Debbie and Robert Byrd

Larry and Becky Shepherd

Bobby Thomas

Jerry and Carla Bartlett

Christopher and Sharon Bell

Baeteena and Bob Black

Richard and Sonia Crumley

Bill Evans and Mary Relling

Carla D. Fahhoum

Joseph Fahhoum

Chris Wood and Christa George

Mary and Michael Gingras

Malik and Rebecca Hamid

Gayle Hutchison

James F. Koren

Kendall and Carole Lynch

Carl and Shelley Merideth

NACDS Foundation

Allen and Carroll Parsons

Millicent M. Pattishall

James Hilary Perkins and Minnie Lura

Russell and Angelia Rackley

Tim Self and Melissa Matlock-Self

David and Kay Solomon

Jerry and Mary Jo Stanley

Charles and Luana Stephens

Jerry and Barbara Treece

$500 - $999

Darrell and Betty Raber

Richard and Kay Shough

Danny and Vanita Austin

William and Ann Looney

Jimmy and Pam McBride

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Marc Brown

Thomas E. Fesmire

Fred and Nicole Gattas

Katie Suda

Barbara and Richard Wells

Dr. and Mrs. James R. Johnson

Zorana Booker

Grover and Mary Lois Bowles

Lee and Martha Brewer

Richard and Marsha Brown

William Clyde Buckner, Jr.

Hunter and Dina Cole

Keith Green

Ferrell and Kay Haile

David and Patricia Harris

Holly Hardin Hathcock and John Hathcock

Peggy E. Hayes

Stephen and Helen Huffines

Joseph and Patricia Johnson

Samuel and Lori Lewis

Frank A. McGrew, III

Dr. and Mrs. Michael S. McKenzie

Margaret R. Moore

James and Beth Patterson

Robert and Faris Phillips

C. J. Pickering

Stephen and Lisa Staggs

Edward M. Sturgeon Jr.

Joseph M. Swanson

Talent Force

Melissa and Seth Tucker

Phillip and Janet Young

$100 - $499

Cardinal Health Foundation

Jerry and Paula Hinson

Shawn L. Hope

Carlisle and Phoebe Mitchum

Oliver Joshua and Phoebie Nunn

Vanessa L. Herring

Chester and Carol Blankenship

Willa D. Carr

Ivy and Arthur Chang

Richard and Susannah Chinouth

Robert and Elizabeth Clark

Thomas and Doris Cragwall

Frances Christine Moore

Ray and Courtney Sexton

Yichun Sun

Alan and Joyce Tatum

John F. Taylor

Fred and Martha Waldrum

Jason and Heidi Batchelor

David and Patti Black

John and Lynette Duncan

Douglas and Amy Dye

Christopher D. Gilbert

Alexander and Alyssa Guirguis

Billy Holt and Mary Elizabeth Lee

Sandra and Frederick Kennel

Barbara Thompson McKinnon

Brian and Kimberly Odle

Carla Orr

Gary and Sharon Pettigrew

Suzette Phillips

Jeffrey A. Reitz

Steven and Cindy Russell

Megan and Mark Saalfrank

Tom Clayton Sharp, Jr. and Evelyn Holeman Sharp

Robert and Dorchelle Spence

Mr. and Mrs. William Starnes

Alice A. Tate-Gaut

Donna L. Topping

Tommy and Marilyn Wilmore

Mark and Marianne Wilson

Clare Wiseman

Bharat and Sarla Zaver

Shelia Cooper

Julia A. Davis

Joanna Q. Hudson

Laura and Jeff Thoma

Sandra and David Jones

David and Patricia Huntley

George and Catherine Wood

Gillian Casey Bell

Robert and Kimberly Bibb

Tina Bounds

Joyce E. Broyles

Gary and Sherry Buchanan

Richard and Arrena Cheek

Larry and Linda Dabbs

Rickie and Elizabeth Ealy

Rickey L. Edwards

Ronald Ray Felts

Brooke Whitmore Gross and Benjamin Neil Gross

Ashley and Blaine Hempfling

Dennis and Leslie Henson

Deborah and William Hoppenjans

David and Donna Libby

Joseph and Linda Lynch

Marx Wayne and Maxine McClellan

Mendel and Jo Evelyn Mehr

Charnell Whitfield and Annette Middlecoff

Charlie and Shirley Ruth Montague

Lisa and Alan Padgett

Timothy and Helen Poe

Barbara and Doug Porteous

Albert and Harriet Price

Kothanur Rajanna

Phillip and Kelly Rogers

Lewis and Jonelle Sharp

Kenneth and Denise Stewart

Deborah Gothard Thomas

Matthew and Mary Kelly Vicars

Brenda and Bruce Warren

Caroline S. Zeind

Harry and Kathy Chandler

Tinsel Dalne and Robert Dukes

Anne and Don Howdeshell

Mary M. Laughlin

Roxanne and Andy Morris

Earline and Joe Price

Gertrude L. Simpson

John Clark Sneed

Chelsey Hunter Tate and William Tate

Stefane K. Williams

James and Carmon York

Dr. George C. Wood

Don and Cindy Edwards

Leslie A. Hamilton

Jerry and Janis Rose

Chasity and James Shelton

Jeff and Patricia Bogue

Leonard R. Cleavelin

Andrea and Lee Franks

Stephanie D. Weathers

Taylor & Francis Group, LLC

Crady and Linda Adams

Ann and Michael Allen

Norma and James Anderson

Michael and Denise Baker

David Michael Ball

Mrs. Laura Jo Barber

Dr. Cynthia Helen Barrett

Donaldand Jan Battles

Paula Carter Bell and Jonathan Bell

Lacy Robin Blackwell

Sue Boyer

H. Thomas Brooks, Jr.

Kelsey J. Brooks

Paul and Janette Brundige

Philip P. Burgess and Jim Nutter

Larry and Kthryn Calhoun

Harles and Gertrude Carter

Regina and Jeff Cassidy

Curt and Kimberly Coley

Clay and Emily Cooper

William and Mary Louise Cozart

Tamara and Grant Davis

Marvin and Judy Deberry

William and Kay Downey

Michael and Pamela Duncan

Jimmie and Marvin Eaves

Howard Edwards and Tiffany Hall

Wayne and Doris Elgin

Carl Steve and Sheree Foster

Stephan and Barrie Foster

Joan E. Fowler

Harry and Carrie Fuqua

Piyamas and Ryan Paul Gaston

Dr.and Mrs. Chad Keith Gentry

Margaret Kathleen Graham

Jason and April Greene

Alfred and Carolynn Greenwood

Jafina Lapsley and Verdell Griffin

Edward T Hamlet

Sandra L. Hinds

Bruce Hinton, Jr.

Anna R. Hollingsworth

Brian Holmes and Melissa Bales Holmes

Vera Rae Hopper

Willy Frank and Shelby House

Gary Wayne and Sheila Hunter

Elbert and Lynette Jent

Maxie and Paula Carol Jones

Natalie and Adam Kittrell

Christy and John Koban

Joseph and Patricia Krzanowski

Rose Sizemore Laffoon

Mack and Diane Land

Jeffrey Allan Lewis

Angela and Thomas Edward Link

Sengphet A. Lou

Ronald and Suzan Maddox

Brian and Kendall Marlow

James and Robbie Mathis

Dr. Charles N. May and Brenda F. Holmes

John and Susan Elaine McAlpin

Randy and Janice McNally

Sara P. Megown

Brooks and June Metts

John Riley and Jimmie Pate Moore

Joan R. Morgan

Anthony and Kimberly Morton

Marcelle Smith Neblett and Patrick Neblett

Thomas Jessee and Constance Nester

Janet and Brian Nock

Martin and Janie Parmley

William and Betty Pearigen

David C. Peck

Wyatt Dean and Mary Pettigrew

Stephen Shane and Tammy Pierce

Everett and Mary Presson

Cooper and Carolyn Quinn

Lisa Teah Reusche

Larry Gene Richardson

Robert and Virginia Richardson

Anna Fong Rikard and Michael Rikard

Shirley F. Rogahn

Charles James and Diane Salerno

Vicki A. Sanford

Mary and John Sauer

Nancy and Paul Scherrer

Randy and Becky Shinabery

Tracey and Hollye Shotwell

James and Georgia Ellen Shuck

Margaret M. Simpson

Richard C. Sliger

David and Tracy Smaron

Jane and Malcolm Smith

Larry Joe and Elizabeth Snapp

John E. Sneed and Nancy Hudson

Marie and John Paul Stevens

Timothy Robert Sykes and Mary Mackey Sykes

Freddy Medhat Tadros

Alan and Joyce Tatum

Beverly Jeanna and Walter Thompson

Stephanie Clayton Thompson and John Thompson

Joseph and Marilyn Thweatt

Sherry Calicker Townsend

Anne Truett

Willie and Sandra J.Tsiu

Bryan T. Vaughn

James and Judy Ann Vining

Frankie E. Wade

Amy Elizabeth Wainright

Lynette and Danny Washington

Morgan Gayle Weaver

Bettie E. Wilson

Glenn and Virginia Wilson

Robert and Elisa Wilson

Cortney Katy Wong

Charles and Dianne Wood

Diane Pojanowski Woods

James and Elaine Wright

Marguerite M. Zeller

Less than $100

Abbott Laboratories

Jeffrey Addess

Anthony and Sarah Apa

Laura Suzanne Baldridge

Kenneth and Grace Bartee

Curtis Petty and William Batts, Jr.

Anne and Robert Blackmon

Robert W. Blackwelder

Joseph and Carol Boggess

Judy Bowers

Jack G. Bradshaw, Jr.

Rowe and Kristie Brookfield

Frances Ann Berry-Brown and Mark Brown

Dr. Brittany Dove Brown

Linda Diane Busby

Thomas J. Caldwell

N. T. and Joyce Campbell

Thomas and Susan Campbell

Caroline Cantrell

Larry and Georgia Carden

Paula W. Carter

Yiwen Chang

Teresa A. Ervin and George Cheatham

Rebecca Finley Chhim

Charles and Donna Conley

Nathan Edward Cope

Rita Davis-Deas

Dennis and Patsy DeLemos

Zachary Drabick

Brad Duncan and Stephanie Whitfield-Duncan

Melanie Beth Edwards

Jeanne and David Ezell

Glenn and Sarah Foster

Kathryn Fitzgerald Gammons and Jared Gammons

Dannye and Jeanette George

Amanda E. Gibson

David Dipersio and Amy Gideon

Paul and Francine Gold

Dawn Wilburn-Goo and Ronald Goo

Ty and Marion Gordon

David and Sara Grant

Jodie Faye Greene

Zach and Jessica Greer

Justin Griner

Alison and Heath Grisso

Henry and Carolyn Grizzard

Julia Ann and Joseph Guillory

Thom and Christina Haeuptle

James and Jeannie Horde

Sarah Kathleen Humber

Tiffany Leah Hutchins

Sherry L. Ingram

Charles and Jennifer Jackson

Joe and Geneva Jackson

Christi and Steve Jacobi

Clayton M. Johnston

Kristin Entz Johnston

Nausheen Karim

Roberta and Calvin Keeton

David Simpson and Patricia Ann Lane

Marilyn D. Lee

David Lindsey and Janet Berry Lindsey

Erica Dale Lusk

Troy and Lisa Lynn

John Mancell

Tom and Elaine Marcrom

Jana and Tom Marino

Steven and Sabrena Martiny

Christopher Morgan Honeycutt and Jamie Leanne Massengill

June and L U Massingill

Garland and Emma McCain

Ms. Chelsey Mccoy

Yvonne R. Mccrary

James and Karen McMackin

Brian and Melinda Messick

Jerry Dale and Alice Monroe

Christian Muenyi

John Myers

Lady J. Nellis

Hao Nguyen

Harold and Audrey Nobles

Robert and Mary Jo Ormsby

Sherry Osborne

Byron and Sandra Pate

Kevin S Patel

Neelima P. Patil and Avinash Shivaputrap Patil

William and Kathryn Patten

Danny W Perry

Patricia A Phillips

Edwin D. Taylorand Billie Poindexter

Billy and Patsy Potter

Lemorris Prier, Sr.

Betty Pruett

S. K. Puryear

Jean Robinson

Roberta Cherie Rodriguez

Perrin and Catherine Rowsey

John C. Russel

Jolanta and Haysam Sakaan

Carrie A. Sargent

Lamar and Margaret Seaton

Greg Senter and Carey Beth Zachary Senter

Charles Sharp and Mary Braly Sharp

John and Wanda Smith

Tommy and Mary Smothers

Amelia and Edward Steepleton

Carolyn S. Stephey

Jana Sterling

Christen and William Stotts

Mary B. Stroupe

Corry Elizabeth Taylor

Douglas M. Taylor

Robert and Betty Taylor

Tellabs Foundation

Heatwole and Bonny Jean Thomas

Saralene Johnson Thomas

Mary Ann and Roy Thurmond

Andrew and Casi Troutt

Donald Webb Tucker

Felicia Udoji

Julia Michelle Underwood

Anne Utley

Thomasand Catharine Wade

Terry and Nancy Walker

Jamie H. Watkins

Alan H. Webb

Clay and June Webb

James Sheldon Wheeler

Jada K. Williams

Melba Wilson

Lawrence and Tracy Wilson

Misty Gray-Winnett and Kenneth Winnett

David and Linda Young

Carol Melton Zachary and Robert Zachary

Xia Zhao