Samples from Penczner Collection

Most of Penczner's large works were rendered in acrylic or oil. Many medium-sized pieces were done in oil graphic, a technique invented by the artist himself, in which oil paint is incised with wax crayons. We also have several dozen works on paper: monoprints employ a non-editionable technique of printing, essentially producing a unique printed painting; collagraphs result from inked collages printed onto paper using a press.

When he found a subject which engaged him, Penczner often produced a series of works in various sizes, mediums, and styles. If you are drawn to a particular piece of art, we may have related works in stock as well.

Prices reflect the size of the work and the complexity of its handling. In most cases, they are a fraction (as low as 20%) of the original sale price set by the artist.

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